How To Sell iPhone Profitably

Nowadays every young person wants to have the new iPhone 6. Unfortunately, purchasing of this phone requires a big sum of money. So start saving money. One of the best ways to put up for a new iPhone is by selling your old one. In spite of the sum you need to buy the iPhone, the saved money will lessen your expenditures. Today we will tell you about some wise steps you are to make in order to get the maximum possible sum by selling your old iPhone.

Best time for selling

Some people do not sell their iPhone until the new one appears on offer, being afraid of living without a smartphone. If you are among such people, you should remember that as soon as the new version of the famous iPhone appears, the old one’s price starts reducing suddenly. So if you own iPhone 5s and want to get as much money as possible for its selling, do it immediately.

If you are reading the article when the new iPhone 6 has been issued, just skip the previous paragraph, since it doesn’t urgent any more.

Get your iPhone ready for being sold

Before posting the advertisements about selling the smartphone you need to do several things which will help sell your iPhone more profitably.

Inactivate the ‘Find my iPhone’ function

Starting from the iOS 7, all the iPhone and iPad with the activated ‘Find my iPhone function’ cannot be activate by other users since they do not know their Apple ID password. In other words, you should be 100 % sure that you have inactivated this function before passing your old iPhone to a new owner. Otherwise, he or she will have great troubles concerning this question.


It is truly easy to turn the ‘Find my iPhone’ off. You have simply to open Settings – iCloud and turn off a toggle switch called ‘Find iPhone’. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID password.

Use the ‘Reset’ function to erase your data

In addition, before selling the old iPhone you have to be sure that all the personal data is erased. You don’t want a new user to see your personal photos, messages and information from different accounts, do you? To your luck, there is the well-organized ‘Reset’ function, so you have the opportunity to erase your phone data completely. 2It will look like the new one. It is also easy to do. Just open Settings – Basics – Reset and choose the function ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. That is all.

Set your iPhone in order and make qualitative photos

The used iPhone’s price depends much on how it looks like. If you treated your iPhone delicately and took care of it, you are most likely to sell it more profitably. The first of all, you need to make it clean. Make sure you have removed all the surface impurities and take away dirt from slots, sockets and ports.


It does not matter how well your iPhone works when it looks dirty and untidy. In addition, wipe your screen thoroughly before taking photos of your smartphone in order to remove all the prints and stains.

Find the original cables and accessories

If you have saved the original accessories and cables that were supplied with your iPhone, find them and put into the original box. Apart from this, you can add some extra accessories which you bought separately.


All of us have at least two cases, covers and other things that would not do for your new iPhone.

Do the jailbreak and unlock your iPhone

If you have your smartphone unlocked, it will be much quicker to sell. Apart from this, you can do the program unlock if you have the jailbreak on your iPhone. Unfortunately, this unlock works not on all models.

Display your iPhone on sale

Now when you have done all the preparatory actions, you can display your iPhone on offer.


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