8 The Most Trendy Hairstyles In 2015

8 The Most Trendy Hairstyles In 2015


Hair is the main part of women’s beauty. It gives them some charming highlight, which attracts all around especially men.

It is common knowledge that Nigerian women have excellent hair. It is thick and curly without any special hair masks and other means. Nevertheless, it is not enough to have a good hair it is important to have a well-groomed haircut. Namely, well-chosen hairstyle emphasize and highlights the most beautiful facial futures. Therefore, the woman becomes more elegant, sexual and attractive.

Furthermore, it is important to have a fashion haircut if you are a modern woman or public person. If you decided to change your hairstyle, turn your mind on such aspect as the haircut have to fit the shape of your face. Therefore, be careful in choosing new haircut. Below in the article we will provide you modern hairstyles in 2015 http://jiji.ng/.

  1. Headscarf


This hairstyle is so popular in 2015 despite the fact that the headscarf is an ancient attire. Headscarf is practical wear such as it complements almost every outfit. Moreover, if you have not any opportunity or time to make your haircut, you can always use headscarf and look presentable.





2. Fuzz and curly hair 


This hairstyle makes you more attractive and romantic. If you have naturally curly hair, you are the lucky woman but if you do not have such great godsend, you can do it using hairdresser’s service. Ask him or her to make the chemistry or bio curling of your hair.

Turn your mind, this procedure has bad effect on the health of your hair and significantly damage it. Therefore, before this method of curling think well and find a certified master.




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Natural Hair Update! Holy Grail Product + Styling & Defining My Curls

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3. Long and straight hair


Nowadays long and straight hair is coming back in trend. It makes women beautiful and trendy always and everywhere. Such hairstyle suits for different shapes of face and images. Therefore, this haircut is done quickly and without any problems. It is the best variant for busy women and girls. Moreover, if you have naturally straight hair, you should not to visit any barbershops and spend any money for looking well. It is enough just to wash hair and comb it.

curly weave styles for black hair-WnzX  Virgin-Brazilian-Remy-Yaki-Straight-Weave-Hair-Extensions-Wealthy-Hair-Natural-Black-247x300 wpid-img5505700fd5eba

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How to get longer hair fast! I went From frizzy natural hair to long straight hair just like that! ENJOY!

4. Dreadlocks


This hairstyle is comfortable and suits practically for everyone, because of its volume. Likewise, having this haircut, you create a specific image for yourself and become personality that is more interesting for crowd.

But…There is always but…If you want to do dreadlocks, you need a lot of time on this procedure. Moreover, you should to be patient to take care of them.

Nevertheless, it is worth your forces if believe the ancient Indian legend. It calls as: dreadlocks are the contract between person and god whose name Jha. This contract is the confirmation that the same person will go to heaven when the doomsday will come. God have to pull him up using his or her strands of hair.

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African American braided hairstyles

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5. Colored hair

Programme Name: America's Next Top Model - Series 5

It is not easy procedure to choose the correct color for the hair and correctly apply it. Only a small mistake can spoil your appearance fully. Nevertheless, correctly colored hair will make you attractive and trendy.


beyonce_300x400 f35a3a4c462951ef39cd272dfef9fbde modnie-strijki-osen-zima-06 Tyra Hair


6. Short hair

c305b704c592717d8e824b5e8b5a8701 Short hair is the simplest and the most comfortable hairstyle, especially in the heat weather – from the one side. From another side it suits not for anybody and can spoil female appearance fully. If you want to have a short haircut, turn your mind on the shape of your face and take advice from the hairdresser.chocolate-girl-290x290 lupita_nyongo_01 lupita_nyongo_03 Lyupita-Niongo4

7. Slightly curly hair


This hairstyle gives romantic and tender character for women. This kind of haircut not takes you more than 30 minutes. Besides, is not necessary to visit hairdressing salons and pay a great amount of money just to get a simple haircut. You can do it by yourself! All you need, it is a curling iron and hairbrush. Moreover, you will do your haircut exactly as you want. On emergency, you can ask your friends or members of your family to help you.


8. Hair braid


Such kind of hairstyle is always trendy. Hair braid is widely used among the women.  Therefore, it is too hard to guess what braid is trendy and not. If you want to have trendy hairstyle, the best variant is consultation in hair master who gets to know modern braid fashion.


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Before choosing the hairstyle, it is important to pay attention on the shape of the face. Necessarily scheme is presented below that will help you get to know what kind of hairstyle suits you.


Despite on the great variety of haircuts, most importantly that chosen hairstyle suits you. Therefore, you will look trendy and attractive. It is an important secret you have to know http://lagos.jiji.ng/.

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