6 Things The World Owes To Nigeria

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Ever wondered what makes Nigeria extra special in the eyes of the world besides Wole Soyinka and Fuji music? See these 6 amazing reasons to feel patriotic for the rest of your day!

1. Knock-knock! Nigeria is home to the first traces of human civilization on Earth

modern-human-neanderthalNow, isn’t that something? Just imagine. As far back as 13,000 years ago on the very same piece of land people were talking, laughing, and eating just like you do now. Even though the idea itself boggles your mind, that’s exactly what kids in India, Japan, and the U.S. study at their world history classes.


2. Spread your wings and fly! Nigeria boasts the world’s largest diversity of butterflies

butterflies-yorkshire_rose-15990936-500-375Red. Yellow. Blue. Name it, you get it. These beautiful rainbows going up and down fluttering above the ground are literally pieces of art. Each year, a few recently discovered species are added to already existing 1,320 species, 50 of which are either unique or extinct.
No wonder, travelers from across the globe flock to Cross River State being run off their feet booking butterfly tours while fashion designers spend days and nights creating clothes with Nigerian butterfly prints.

3. Did you know you belong to the happiest nation on Earth?

Screenshot_1Believe it or not, according to poll results published by the Guardian in 2011, Nigeria became second to none in terms of the most joyful and fulfilled people throughout the world. Well, this precious state of mind is definitely something they won’t teach you at school and, as experts say, has a lot to do with DNA and hormone profile of Nigerian population.
So, hurray folks! We have what others spend their entire lives on in search of true sense of pure happiness!

4. Genetic mirror: Nigeria outnumbers the world in twin siblings

twins2Having a twin is fun. Given that most twins feature nearly 95% similarity, you can pretend being someone you are not anywhere you want: at the bank, in relationship, and even at the customs control! This is especially true for Yoruba people who are believed to be the most successful twin makers in the world and are good at picking comfy car seats, toys, and carriages.

5. No place like home. Drill monkey and lowland gorilla draw thousands of zoologists from other countries to explore these one-of-a-kind species.

Nowhere else on Earth except Nigeria you can find animals with blue, pink, and red bottoms that eat everything from herbs and eggs to insects and meat. What makes a drill monkey special is its famous grinning smile which actually is a smile while among other apes it clearly indicates a warning sign.
Relying heavily on fruit, lowland gorillas leave hundreds of miles behind boasting the most developed musculoskeletal frame compared to other monkey species.


6. Are you an active Internet user? It is hardly surprising as Nigeria is the largest web and mobile community in Africa

If you are familiar with words such as Facebook, Nairaland, and Eskimi, chances are, you are an active user of your phone, tablet, or home PC. With this in mind, here goes the math for year 2015:

  • every half a year another 3 million(!) Nigerians become Internet users
  • over 110 million Nigerians have mobile phones
  • 63% of entire population have experience with online shopping whereas clothes, mobile phones, and online services are the most popular searches



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