8 Amazing House-Building Technologies For Future

We live in a fast-growing world. It develops every day!

What is waiting for us tomorrow? Nobody knows exactly, but everybody can suppose.

So we suggest you to discover something new today!

What building materials can be employed tomorrow?

Let’s find out with JiJi!


First of all, we need to talk about the reasons for such changes.

Why scientists are developing the futuristic technologies? The main reasons are that it can allow diminishing the amount of produced carbon dioxide, decreasing the costs for maintenance and, moreover, these technologies are energy-saving!


1. Aerogel

This fantastic gel consists of air (98,2%) and graphene, that’s why this gel is extremely light, but enourmously strong. It can handle the load 2 000 times heavier than the gel itself. Nowadays, it’s the best heat insulator, used in the spacesuits of NASA and in the jackets of mountaineers. Moreover, it has potential to be employed in house-building because of these magical heat characteristics.


2. Flexible concrete

The common concrete is fragile material, unfortunately. Each bend leads to crack. The new type of concrete appeared, and it’s equipped with optical fibre, which makes it more durable in use. Flexible concrete is 500 times more stable to the cracks. Well, maybe one day you will build a new house with the help of this material!


3. Electrified wood

It has always been problematic to deal with vast amount of wires while building a house. Electified wood is capable of dealing this problem once and for all! The technology is called Wood.E, and the thing is that 2 layers of metal are embedded in wood garniture, which enables it to transmit the energy within the surface of an object. For instance, you can situate a lamp on the table made of such a material, and it will work without additional wires. Sounds like a kind of magic!

ElectroTree ?????

4. Affordable diamond

Everybody knows that diamond is highly strong material, that’s why it’s commonly used in some mechanisms. Therefore, it’s a perfect building material. It’s firm, light and modern technologies make it also affordable for people. The great benefit of using diamond is that it’s heat-conducting material. So your house will be cosy and warm to some extent.


5. Glass roof tile

This kind of tile is not only beautiful and minimalistic, but also it can be used as an effective heating system. Moreover, it absorbs the sunlight, which can be used for the heating of water or producing electric power. Highly economical material!


6. Self-restoring concrete

We have mentioned before that concrete is widely-used material with the lack of fortitude. Well, scientists are solving this problem by inventing the self-restoring concrete. Besides the traditional formula, it has some living bacteria and calcium lactate. Bacteria absorb these calcium and produce limestone, which fills the cracks. This process can diminish the amount of manufactured concrete and make the building more durable.


7. The energy of algae

There is a house in the city of Hamburg, Germany, power supply of which is provided by algae. They grow influenced by direct sunlight, also they produce biomass and electricity to make the building function. Such a great way to use natural materials which are completely renewable!


8. 3-D bricks

3-D printed bauxite bricks have special structure which enables them to cool the premises. They are manufactred by the company Emerging Objects, that tries to make it common to use 3-D printed materials and even houses! It’s economical, simple and somehow beautiful!


All of this information may sound as a fantasy, but nowadays reality seems like fantasy more and more!

So be ready to use such materials to simplify the maintenance of your house.

Get lucky with JiJi!