Be Productive Spending The Least Time

It has become very important to know how to become even more productive nowadays especially when the competitiveness on the labor market is increasingly high. Here are some tips which will be of a great help to everyone.


Develop your productivity with

1) Defining your tasks and goals

20071126-todo-listMany people make one of the most common mistakes — they overlook the importance of making a list-to-do of all their tasks and goals to achieve. It’s been always important to know what you are up to, to be aware of your tasks at work so you are involved in your work more deeply and can produce much valuable results.

1It is also very important to take your time and write everything down on a piece of paper. Write all of the tasks you have for this day, week or even month. Don’t think of it as a waste of time. Be sure those 30 minutes spent for writing a list-to-do will save you much more time in the future as you will have something material already. Therfore you can visualize and plan on how to accomplish your tasks.

2) Giving priorities

The next step on your way to a more productive life is giving your tasks prioritities. You should define for yourself what tasks and goals are of the most importance for you and don’t permit a delay. While looking through the tasks you’ll find for yourself at least a half of them unnecessary and your list-to-do will be surprisingly reduced.


ZwtxCIfhCrMOf course there will be such small but not less important tasks as to check your email or paying bills. These tasks must be automized so you don’t spend any more extra time on them. Keep a record of such tasks and put them a deadline. You may create reminders on your smartphone which will make a sound when it’s needed. At the meantime you’ll be solving some more important issue from your list.

3) Putting everything in order

KhXNhdFDxBEIt’s important to follow your tasks in a list one by one not mixing them together. If you do several things at the time none of them will be 100% accomplished. Moreover, changing tasks more than 10 times a day drops your IQ an average of 10 points. Pick up one task, think about its final goal, make a visual plan of steps to make and dive into the work.

0wdAvpsucukDon’t forget to make your working place as cozy and comfortable as it’s possible. Remove all visual distractions such as piles of papers or unfinished projects, and even sticky notes on your computer. Turn off dings, alarms, notification alerts, popups, and sounds that you can control so they don’t destroy your focus. Focusing will allow you to complete what’s important to you and a productive work will save you a lot more of time.

4) Saving time

dxU4j9y-lmgContinuing the importance of saving time, we can refer to the world of technologies and gadgets. For documents sharing with your colleagues you may use such computer programmes as or Dropbox. To get with someone in touch it’s easier and faster to use Skype or Lync. Don’t try to do things the machine can do for you.

If you are a head of a group and have your own team, you should learn how to delegate your tasks and responsibilities to them. This will save you the time you can use solving your personal issues. It’s also important to trust your team members as you yourself have chosen them all. Don’t concentrate all of the tasks on yourself only as “two heads are better than one”.


5) Don’t overwork and take breaks

It’s essential to always remember about your health. First of all, do not exceed your working time. Remember, there is life out the window and there is family and friends waiting for you.


VLZ-udpHsfIWhen waking up start your day from pleasant things like drinking flavory coffee or  doing morning exercises and sports. It’s a common mistake of all business people to start the day from checking emails. Don’t ever do this way. Clear your thoughts first after sleeping, put your mind together and set goals for the day to come.

While working it’s necessary to make breaks. Research shows that taking short breaks at regular intervals throughout the day not only keeps you healthier, but also helps you refocus on the job at hand. Go gossiping with your colleagues, do some mindful yoga or some exercises for your eyes, find some special exercises for the office workers. Whatever it is that helps you recharge include it into your daily routine.vM2ip1TM5Ts

Start from implementing these easy-to-do tips into your life and you’ll catch yourself by surprise how much more productive you’ve become.

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