How To Check Your Relationship Dynamics Scale

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Absolutely satisfied with your partner? Then skip reading the article and leave it for those not as lucky as you.

Imagine this.

Winnie: You haven’t bought groceries, have you? How on Earth can you be so careless? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you leave me starving one day. You are so alike to your father!

Emmanuel: Hey, don’t start. We are totally different with him.

Winnie: Oh, c’mon! He is such a jerk. I can so clearly see why you are his son.

Emmanuel: That’s enough! Remind me to tick off dates on the calendar when you plan to be in good mood. I’m so tired of your never-ending complaints.

Winnie: Look at him! He is tired? Oh my! Go and watch your TV just like you always do.

Emmanuel: You are so hopeless.


As you may guess, similar situations pop-up every now and then with various severity in every relationship whether you reside in Nigeria, Japan, or Brazil. While it’s normal to keep their frequency as low as possible, the fashion in which you and your partner choose to speak to each other is what matters.

As long as spoiled mood, frustration, and unmet expectations continue to dominate in your relationship, it is unlikely that your love story will become a Nollywood movie with a happy end.

To quickly check your relationships dynamics scale simply ask yourself these 7 questions and rate your answer: 1 – never, 2 – from time to time, 3 – often.

  1. How often do I feel that small fights that tend to turn into something big with name-calling and flashbacks of previous fights?
  2. How often do I feel that my partner minimizes or humiliates by feelings, thoughts, and emotions?
  3. How often do I feel that my partner tends to negatively misunderstand my behavior and words?
  4. How often do I feel that we are individual players rather than a team?
  5. How often do I feel that it’s better to keep silence that to be open?
  6. How often do I feel loneliness?
  7. How often do I feel that one of us prefers to stop or avoid the conversation?

c43cc863eb7982b67f5cd50abfe940ffScores 7-11

At the moment, your relationship remains stable and coherent. However, we do believe there’s always room for improvement. So, remember that the way you talk is oftentimes more important than what you say.

Scores 12-16

There is a number of warning signs that you have to pay attention to. Make sure both of you add as little emotion as possible to your talks particularly when you discuss your relationship.

Scores 17-21

Warning: your relationship may be in danger. Rethink your manner of communication or address the issue to a family expert.

Psychologists emphasize teambuilding shows positive outcomes when it comes to saving your love boat. If baby-making is out of question, getting yourself a pet, going cycling together, cooking, or travelling may significantly contribute to your success in relationship.



Strengthen your relationships with JiJi