How To Find Inner Peace In The Office

021098736_prevstillFor many of us moments of peace of mind – a rarity. There are a lot of reasons for the lack of such a precious state: fatigue, anxiety, worry and constant problems. But the true secret to achieving inner peace is that it does not determined by external circumstances, but by your choice. Choose view of the situation and the way of thinking. Everything is in our hands, and here are several methods for obtaining inner peace.

Meditation and praying

All spiritual practics teach us the mental and physical discipline, and emotional self-control.  It is easy and pleasant, and it is one of the most powerful self-development tool that you can use right now.



Smile can open doors, turn the “no” to “yes” and instantly change the mood (like yours and others). Smile to yourself in the mirror. Smile to family members, employees, everyone who comes across your eyes. A smile radiates the energy of love – what you send is what you get. By smiling, you can feel only happiness and peace.


Express gratitude

Express gratitude for all the “good” and the “bad“, for all that you are experiencing, and learn what it takes over. By saying “thank you” sincerely you show your respect to another and surrounding people will not disturb you without need


Try to look from the another point of view

Your view of things can cause you stress. Somebody can say or do something unpleasant to you and don’t mention that it wound your feelings. Don’t be shy to say it and discuss this case – but don’t forget to be calm and open and maybe this human become your best friend.

Finish all your undertakings

Bring it to its logical conclusion.  Unfinished business (unforgiveness, unspoken words, unfinished projects and tasks) – a heavy burden for your consciousness, you feel it or not. Any unfinished business takes energy from the present. 



Don’t do many tasks at the same time.

Do not do everything at once. Do one thing and do it well. Start with the most difficult. Do not postpone the case until later. A large number of mental and emotional energy is wasted because of the fear of the things that we do not want to do – tedious, unpleasant, difficult or frightening. Deal with them – just as it should be.

Avoid quarrelsome people.

Minimize contacts with people whoms purpose is to overbalance you. They “drink” your energy and assert oneself by you. Communicate with them only by work. It may be difficult especially if your boss belongs to such type. But when somebody shouting at you imagine deep sea or peaceful desert – and the noise is just a wind. Your composure will rise and become a wall before such people.

Don’t be shy to say “no”

Even good manners shouldn’t take precedence over prudent indignation. It is necessary to separate the real need for assistance and the need to shift the responsibility of others! From the fact that you will be internally tense and angry at the person who asked you about it, you just lose your inner balance and pay not enough attention to your own affairs.

Avoid information and sensory overload

Turn off the smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, mp3-player – everything you don’t need to use right now. Our mind get tired from too many stimuli from different sources – just let your brain rest from them.


Observe the balance. Contribute to the achievement inner peace, maintaining balance in your life.

Keep calm and be peasfull with!

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