Tourists About Lagos: Firsthand Experience

Unlock your fun in Lagos with JiJi!

Lagos pushes your limits. If you are a one-day visitor you’ll hate it. But stay longer and you’ll fall in love with it.

To give an overall idea of how our city guests perceive Lagos, JiJi has interviewed 6 random tourists in streets, restaurants, transport, and supermarkets. So that’s what they’ve told us!

“How you react on spending hours in a traffic jam because of a few dozens of Saturday wedings tells a lot about your personality. Yell and curse – nobody will care. And that’s how you start melting in”.

– Billy, 34 y.o., UK, been to 18 countries.

“Locals by far outshine crazy traffic jams and pickpocketing. They are always ready to show you the neighborhood and tell the story of every single house or street on your way. I would say they are much more physically and mentally strong than people residing in Swedish Stockholm, my home town.


It’s a different reality. Unlike Lagosians, they have absolutely no idea how to behave if electricity goes off or how to clean water or how to survive getting paid $500 per month. And many of them still complain. If you ask me, I would send them all to Lagos a few weeks to have an eye-opening experience.”

– Stella, 29 y.o., Stockholm, been to 9 countries.

“I got my wallet stolen in the church. In 3 days I found my wallet with even more cash in it! You can experience neither anywhere else”.

– Mat, 44 y.o., USA, been to 23 countries.


 “Traffic is insane in Lagos. Some locals wake up at 4am to get to work on time making their way through the harshest cluster of vehicles I have ever seen in my life. So make sure your hotel or wherever you are going to live is a stone’s throw away from your office or places of interest that you would like to visit. You simply don’t want to end up spending 50 per cent of your vacation time in the bus”.

– Wien Chu, 59 y.o., Japan, been to 16 countries.


“What I love most about Lagos is that prices are negotiable. You can start with 2 million of Nigerian Naira for a used car and drop it to ?1, 300,000. This is exactly what happened to me when I bought my Nissan.”

– Mario, 31 y.o., Italy, been to 41 countries.


“After Lagos, you’ll feel like a duck to water in Shanghai, London, or New York. They call you “oyibo” and give you to try this delicious jollof rice. They are always in a hurry and don’t get overly surprised when you see over twenty people crossing the highway instead of using the bridge a few meters away. It may sound crazy but I’ve started doing similar thing just because it’s safer than walking along the highway in the scorching heat.”

 – Ivana, 48 y.o., Australia, been to 9 countries.