5 Ideas For Business You Would Have Never Thought Of #6

The successful business starts from… no, it`s not reliable partners, and it is not even an initial capital!

If you are looking for an excellent idea for successful business, you should know that the best ideas you can find here!


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Solar lamp-cap that turns any PET bottle into a lamp

Suli 1

Sulilab designers presented to the world an eco-friendly hand-made lamp running on solar battery. It can be fasten to any PET bottle. The device made in the form of a disc – the way ancient people depicted the Sun.

You just need to hold the device in the Sun for 8 hours – and it will “thank you” with a bright light at a distance of 5 meters during 50 hours! Suli may successfully replace simple electric lamps.

Suli 3

The aim of the development was feasible assistance to Africa, the Kingdom of Bhutan, Haiti – those regions, where there are no problems with the Sun, but there are problems with electrification.

Suli 4

In addition to functionality and relevance, Suli lamp is very beautiful as well! Fill it with water, adding some watercolor. Add sequin – and you have a unique DIY lamp.

Suli 2

A charitable organization from Chile – America Solidaria – helps Sulilab to promote its invention in the world – using a smart marketing.

The cost of a Green Lantern is $ 85.

Suli Crowdfunding subtitulado1

Uploaded by Suli Chile on 2015-06-14.

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Impossible is quite possible: electric bicycle that fits into a backpack

Imp 1

Folding electric bicycle “Impossible” from China that fits in a backpack is a real godsend for modern, mobile person, who cares about the environment:

  • folded wonder bike resembles a triangle, which easily fits into a backpack of a standard size.
  • It is transformed in a few simple movements, with all details in place;
  • bike cover is installed on the place of a saddle and has excellent damping properties;
  • A frame of innovational “Impossible” based on the circles, so it can withstand the weight up to 85 kg;
  • A bicycle has an easy motor, capable to reach the speed of up to 20 km/h.

Imp 2

Imp 3

The developers intend to provide some additional modifications and accessories for their brainchild. The amount of collected capital has exceeded the planned amount of $ 47000.

Imp 4

Imp 5

Imp 6

Baby “Impossible” can be purchased for $ 460.


No Description

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Phone-bracelet for small children

Tinitell 2

Are you worrying for a child, who is too small to have a mobile phone? Buy him a phone in the form of a bracelet! This Swedish development is called Tinitell. In a record time, the project has gained the required amount of $ 100000 on Kickstarter.

Tinitell 1

Tinitell 3

Tinitell 4

Tinitell resembles wristwatch without the dial. It is equipped with a microphone, a speaker, a slot for SIM card, and a microprocessor. To start calling mom or dad, a child need to press a single button and say one of the names listed in the phone book. The gadget can also receive incoming calls. In addition, the built-in GPS allows you to track the location of the child and monitor the call list.

Tinitell 5

Tinitell 6

Tinitell 7

Tinitell 8

Today you can order Tinitell for $100.

Tinitell – Introducing A Wristphone For Kids

Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids. A wristphone that enables peace of mind for parents, and lets kids be kids. Please support us on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/960748838/tinitell-introducing-a-wristphone-for-kids

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Second life of “ugly” fruit and vegetables

Fruit 2

The amount of good, but not “pretty” food thrown in the trash today is so huge, that you can easily feed more than one thousand families in developing countries. French shop “Intermarché” decided to show to the world its wastefulness, embodying the idea of turning the “ugly” for sale fruits and vegetables in a series of new products “Les Moches Légumes & Fruits” – namely, soups and juices.

Fruit 4

Fruit 7

Fruit 8

In collaboration with the Marcel Agency, Intermarché created brand for its new series, actually consisting of ugly, but edible ingredients. Buyers can try free samples to make sure that the “ugly” fruit and vegetables can be just as tasty as their aesthetically pleasing-looking cousins can!

Fruit 1

Fruit 3

Fruit 5

Only during the first two days after the launch of the project there have been sold about 1.2 tons of “ugly” fruit, vegetables and related goods. Also, during this period the project received 524.000 likes on Facebook!

Fruit 6

Intermarché – “Fruits et Légumes Moches”

Uploaded by Marcel on 2014-06-12.

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Estimote Beacons smart stickers

Estimote 1

Estimote Stickers are tiny adhesive beacons, which attach to any surface and link objects with smartphones. Manufacturer call the beacons “nearables”. Thanks to them, you can receive, for example, data about products or about your routes. They will be useful in business and in everyday life.

Estimote 2

Estimote 3

Estimote 4

Despite its slim body, each beacon is equipped with an accelerometer, temperature sensor, processor and the Bluetooth connector. Beacons can help visitors navigate in the store, they are attached to certain things and provide information on how often they are purchased or at what counter they are.

Estimote 5

Estimote 6

Estimote 7

Estimote 8

You can put one of the beacons in the bedroom, and it will track whether a certain person is still in bed or he is already having breakfast in the kitchen. If a person is still sleeping, the beacon will send him a notification. A preorder is already available on the company’s website.

Estimote Sticker Beacons – Introducing Nearables

Estimote Beacons and Stickers are small wireless sensors that you can attach to any location or object. They broadcast tiny radio signals which your smartphone can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness. With the Estimote SDK, apps on your smartphone are able to understand their proximity to nearby locations and objects, recognizing their type, ownership, approximate distance, temperature and motion.

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The easiest way to start business from scratch is to use convenient JiJi services – let the whole world know about your unique offer!

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