6 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

One thing we need to make clear before carrying on: men’s style is less about fashion and more about your personal style. This is why chasing the latest fashion trends is not always a good idea. If you love fashion and follow the latest trends from the world of style, you can take some ideas from the runways and fashion magazines, but don’t copy the looks entirely.

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Unlike fashion, style is a deeply individual thing. What looks good on a fashion model or a celebrity might not be a good look for you. This might seem intimidating for guys who just want to look good and wear nice clothes, but don’t worry – with our 6 foolproof tips your style will become 100% impeccable.

1. Match your look to the occasion

Nowadays men have dozens of places for dress for, and all of these occasions require slight or major changes in style. For example, you would never wear your beach outfit to your brother’s wedding. The same goes for every other style occasion.


At the very minimum, you should have a classic formal suit with a shirt and tie for occasions like weddings and important dinner parties, some work-appropriate clothes, which depend on your workplace dress code, and some casual clothes you can wear to meet friends, go on a date, or go shopping.

2. Don’t forget to accessorize

A lot of men think accessories are something only women and fashion designers use, but the fact is that a couple of understated accessories can transform your whole look and turn a boring combination of clothes into a trendy outfit worthy of a Nigerian celebrity.


The most popular men’s fashion accessories are ties, scarves, glasses, hats, bags, or watches. Obviously, you don’t need to wear all of your accessories at once – one or two additions to your main outfit would be more than enough. If you wear a beard, it can serve as an accessory itself, so if you’re a proud bearded man, wearing a hat or noticeable glasses might overshadow your whole look.

3. Shoes matter

Many men are used to wearing one or two pairs of shoes with every look and for every occasion, from spending a day in the park to visiting a formal party. This is a crucial mistake, as the right pair of shoes can either make or break your outfit. Not sure which shoes to pick? Here is a list of 4 pairs of shoes every man needs to own.


In general, your shoe wardrobe should consist of formal shoes you can wear with formal suits, casual shoes or boots that go well with jeans, shirts and blazers, and sport shoes like sneakers or trainers that can be worn almost anywhere, except for formal occasions. As you can see, buying the right shoes is not that hard when you have our tips!

4. Take care of your clothes

It doesn’t matter how trendy or expensive your clothes are – if you’re not taking proper care of it, you can end up with a worn out and washed out wardrobe that doesn’t look nearly as expensive and sharp as it used to when you bought it. However, taking care of your wardrobe can let you successfully wear the same clothes for years.


Make it your rule to never leave your clothes lying around the house on the floor, the sofa, or the chairs. Clothes should only be stored in a wardrobe with the help of hangers, or neatly folded on a wardrobe shelf. Additionally, pay attention to the labels on your clothing – if your coat or jacket is for dry clean only, don’t try washing it in a washing machine, otherwise your favourite clothes item might be irreparably ruined.

5. Pick the right shirts

A man’s wardrobe cannot be imagined without several high quality shirts. There is almost no outfit that can’t be improved with the help of a good shirt. Two most popular shirt colours are white and blue – in fact, 90% of men’s shirts sold in the world are either blue or white!


Nevertheless, don’t limit your shirt choice to one of these colours – there is a beautiful shirt for every occasion. Plaid shirts are always a hit for casual looks. Red, yellow, brown, black, maroon, dark blue – your choice of shirts should be limited only by your taste and the rest of your wardrobe. Go on and pick your new shirt right now!

6. What about jeans?

Jeans are another men’s wardrobe staple – you can’t open a modern men’s wardrobe without finding several pairs of jeans there. Nowadays jeans are such a versatile item of clothing that they can be worn anywhere, except for formal occasions like weddings.


Jeans style is constantly changing; buyers go crazy over ripped jeans one year and rush after skinny jeans the next year. There is nothing wrong with following the trends, but if you want to create a good basic wardrobe, pick more classic cuts of jeans. We recommend buying a pair of straight leg dark wash jeans and a pair of slim fit light blue ones.

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