The Best Traditional Nigerian Fashion Styles For Men

Nigerian traditional clothing is beautiful and unique, no wonder more and more celebrities choose it to underline their personalities. And it applies not only to women, men of different profession and status are wearing traditional clothing more often as well. Let’s take a closer look at latest Nigerian native styles for men.

The latest native styles for guys 2016 are not going to leave catwalks or streets this year. Fashion industry is on the rise now. Attention to folk elements is a natural way of its evolution. Moreover, taking into account the diversity of patterns available to use in men native style, the popularity of Nigerian men’s traditional fashion styles, and the importance of Nigerian legacy in general, it is not a surprise that native wears for guys is such a common choice among fashion experts and fashion fans, ordinary Nigerians and celebrities.

Today, native design for guys are as versalite as ladies’ wear:

  • monochromatic, striped, and plaid etibo designs
  • bright Ankara fabrics
  • local embroidery samples
  • always popular Danshiki styles
  • all possible black-and-white designs, extremely popular in 2017
  • senator fashion styles

Traditional wear is natural and sophisticated way to feel unity with surrounding and stand out. It can be festive, exquisitive, casual, comfortable, bright – it can be the way you need and want to wear. Traditional does not mean out of style, not anymore.

Nigerian traditional clothing

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There is a number of Nigerian native styles for men, each has its own distinct features and can become a unique part of your style. Here are a few of them for your consideration:Nigerian native styles for men

1. Traditional Igbo clothing

If you want to wear traditional Igbo-styled clothes, you need to combine an Isiagu – soft shirt with gold or red bright patterns – with simple trousers, a hat (preferably traditional) and some accessories (beads, cane or fan would be just right). While being traditional, Igbo clothes look quite contemporary, so don’t be afraid to look like a fool – you won’t.Traditional Igbo clothing

2. Traditional Yoruba clothing

Yoruba styled clothes usually looks quite refined and is usually worn on holidays and receptions, like weddings and birthday parties. The most customary clothes of the style for men is an Agbada – ankle-length (sometimes shorter) loose-fitting attire. Agbada can come in different colors and with different patterns, but it is usually supplemented with a matching traditional headpiece.Traditional Yoruba clothing

3. Ankara clothes

Turns out, in some cases the style of the clothes is less important than the material it’s made out of. That’s the case of Ankara clothes. Ankara is a brightly-colored African-styled fabric, that can make almost everything look more ethnical and traditional. The use of Ankara is more common in women’s clothes, but it is incorporated into Nigerian men’s fashion too.

Ankara fabric works better with a simple combination of clothes. Simple pants and a short or just an Ankara-styled jacket are usually enough to make you look stylish. Wearing the Ankara traditional clothes might be a bit of an overkill.

4. Atiku clothes

Atiku is another material, used in traditional Nigerian men fashion. It is very different from Ankara, as it looks more simple and plain. Such a minimalistic approach has always been considered a winning one among the best designers in the world, and it’s not different for the Nigerian native styles for a male.Atiku clothes

Atiku is usually used is monotone costumes, sometimes with simple geometric ornaments. Sometimes some bright accessories (hat, beads) are added to these clothes as a contrast.


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