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JiJi is a fast-growing and rapidly developing Nigerian classifieds website.

Like any other classifieds, it has gathered hundreds of thousands (or maybe even millions!) of offers from all over the country. It is a free website. Everyone can use it, no matter what region or city a person lives in.


It is very simple in use. To become JiJi’s user, a person needs just to register. You can do it by filling a standard registration form or logining in with the Facebook account. Some people are afraid to use suchlike websites, but there’s no any danger in using this particular service. All users’ data is protected. You shouldn’t be worried about scammers or frauds.

So, the first step is registration. After you’ve become the user, you can start buying and selling stuff. It is also pretty easy. If you have something to offer, you post an advertisement. Each one of these consists of a detailed description, a photo, and seller’s (your) contacts. Leave an e-mail and a phone number, providing people with a possibility to contact you immediately. Again, there’s no need to worry about the privacy – everything is secured, your data won’t be used inappropriately.


If you are looking for something to buy, everything is even easier (except, maybe, the very process of choosing, for the number of goods and items is really enormous). Just open the website and start searching. JiJi has the convenient smart interface. Though minimalistic, it is very bright. There is a number of categories placed on the left side of the page, and all the adverts are distributed between those sections. JiJi offers to buy electronics, devices, gadgets, furniture, clothes and accessories, things for kids, pets. There are also adverts about bigger offers, like cars and real estate. It looks like with JiJi you can do everything – buy a house, equip it with all the necessary furniture, buy a pet and fill a wardrobe with smart clothes.

What is more, you can do it just sitting at home on your favorite comfortable sofa. Just take a laptop. Actually, you don’t even have to use a laptop if you don’t want to. JiJi has designed a special app for iPhones and Smartphones. You can use the service from anywhere and do it anytime. Just imagine: all the advertisements are now in your pocket, and you can go shopping whenever you feel like it.


And getting back to purchasing process, everything couldn’t be easier. You pick what you want and contact an owner. If you don’t believe everything works this way, check out the comments, reviews, and feedbacks. You’ll be surprised by the number of satisfied buyers and sellers!

The reason is simple: using this website lets you save a lot of time and money. Sell quick, buy safe with

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