9 Phenomenal Facts About Dreaming

It is not only good for our health to have 8-hours sleep daily, but it’s also important to be dreaming while sleeping. Watching dreams has its benefits for our mind, and there some amazing facts that you could have never thought about.

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Creativity fact: Inventions


Many of great inventions were made while dreaming. There is no explanation to such an occasion, maybe the reason is that when we sleep our conscious mind rests and our sub consciousness gets a chance to come in force with all its creativity. In any way, the Periodic table that came to Mendeleev’s dreams, the sewing machine idea, and even the idea for Google creation – all of that was taken from the dreams.

Orientation fact: Reading & telling the time


Sometimes there are dreams that are so realistic you can literally think it’s indeed happening. In order to get outside of the question whether you are sleeping or not, try to read something – you won’t be able to if you are dreaming, or try to tell what time it is – every time you look at the clock, the time would be different in your dreams.

Supernatural fact: Lucid dreaming


Some people achieve great results when practicing conscious dreaming. They do really amazing things managing to pass through walls and travel back in time and to other dimensions.

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Magical fact: Premonition dreaming


The destiny sometimes gives us a chance to change our future, especially when there is something bad to happen. And if it decides to give us a tip, it comes to our dreams. Some people saw their own fate’s sign in their dreams, like Abraham Lincoln had seen his assassination, or some people navigating a Titanic had seen the catastrophe before the departure date. But all of them didn’t put much attention to the warnings and met their fate.

Black-and-white fact: Not everybody dreams in color


Around 12% of all sighted people on Earth dream in black-and-white. The researches done in the period before and after 1960s have shown that the percentage of those dreaming in black-and-white was much higher and now it is in the process of decreasing. One of the reasons could be the invention of colorful TV. And as our dreams are the results of our previous experience, it is possible that black-and-white dreams will completely disappear.

Gender fact: Men & women dream differently

qqu5pyq5Vv4Even though the prevailing part of the mankind is female, for 70% of each man’s dreaming is filled with its male gender. Women, on the opposite, dream equally about men and women. Men’s dreams tend to be more aggressive and violent whereas women more often see sexual dreams.

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Pleasant fact: You can experience orgasm while dreaming


The satisfaction from having sex with someone depends on our emotions and thoughts we have at that special moment. And it was proven to be true when it appeared that a person can experience orgasm when actually dreaming. And yes, I’m not talking about erotic scenes appearing in our brain when dreaming, I actually mean the final feeling people get when coming to an end.

Learning fact: Dreaming helps you memorize information better

9-1KFCXWYrsWell, it is pretty a common thing, but let me turn your attention to it one more time. During the period of especially hard studies at the University, don’t abandon your sleeping. Don’t sacrifice your dreaming time for learning as it is much easy to memorize the information if you take quick naps. Just do it in complete silence, so nothing disturbs you and you are easier to dream deeply.

Sickness fact: Sleeping beauty ‘syndrome’

fIqNJMh6WwsMeet Louisa Ball, 15 years old, who can sleep for days together when she first shuts her eyes to sleep. She doesn’t mess around with that. This British girl has a rare sleeping disorder – ‘Sleeping beauty sickness’. No kind of shaking or prodding can wake Louisa up when she’s fast asleep. The symptoms, causes or a cure for this disease are unknown to doctors. However, they say it only strikes teenagers and is likely to vanish by the age of 12-13 years.

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