Mission Impossible, Sir! Heartbreaking Cooking Fails!

The first pancake is a blob – we know that, but some people just weren`t born to cook!


We strongly advise all perfectionists and professional cooks as well as experienced housewives not to open this post – there is a risk of epilepsy. It is intended mostly for those simple guys who just want to amuse themselves tonight!


Enjoy – and don`t repeat that ever!


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Are you ready to meet these culinary masterpieces?

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It looks like it was supposed to be some beautiful rainbow dessert! Well, apparently, everything is out of control!


And this was supposed to be a nice, neat breakfast for two! We won`t judge its beauty, hope it still turned out delicious!


Alternative option of muffins – stuffed with sausages. The result is impressive – muffins look like stumps of burned trees after a fire in the forest!


Putting pizza in the oven, you should never play online games or watch an interesting TV show. The day of the incident is officially recognized as a day of mourning of pizza makers around the world.



Beautiful and really great sweet dish of biscuits and chocolate bars – all went wrong! Visually it resembles the work of unskillful builders!


Balls with chicken and cheese went wrong and became 2D. We hope that this culinary monster at least was able to pour ketchup into the bowl!


Not so scary to drop and smash a real watermelon, but look at this!


Another variation of pizza for nonconformists. It is rather a skeleton of pizza! It seems to us that the chef was too confident about the thickness and density of the dough!


The attempt to make an attractive ice cream with kiwi has failed. Sorry for time spent … and sorry for kiwi!


Only a cooking loser or a person who was trying to hide the original form of mini spaghetti could do this!


You always wanted to see a nuclear explosion? Well, here it is! Master, buy yourself a baking form!


You were told that a model may differ from the one on the picture – but nobody warned you that this much!


While this is similar to someone’s broken childhood!


Probably, pizza is the most complex dish in history. At least for those who makes it on the grill in the oven!


Ideally, they should look intimidating and appalling! But it turned out that these worms look pity!

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This one just hurts – how can the result differ from the plan so fundamentally? “I’m a rainbow too”…


And here we have the original buns that are impossible to eat – you can only admire them! Someone even left his feedback on paper!


A train to the Healthy Eating Country turned out to be the Last Train to Hell!!


You’ve ruined the Love!


“In cramped quarters, but not in offense” does not apply to this case!


Yes, sharks are terrible, but here the result is just awful! “The Jaws” compared to this is a cartoon about little fish!


These animals have minimalistic faces, but apparently this was the case for a zealous minimalist!


Will someone eat that – or everybody can leave?!


A scene from a horror movie about Mickey Mouse!


This is what happens when a person has no artistic vision and no suitable ingredients!


Is this a fail or unusual rice cooking talent?!


Another option to collapse muffins with sausages!


“A little shapeless” and “having no form at all” are completely different things!


Spaghetti cooked this way resemble both: a culinary fail and installation of modern art representative of the “underground”!


It always happens so – “flowers of life” turn during the cooking into dreams of a bright future.


They were supposed to melt nicely, but the day questioned from the outset.


Meet the monster cupcakes – monsters are on the bottom picture!


Don’t let these Chicks come out on the streets!!


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