Overeating During Stress – 5 Effective Ways To Combat

Almost all our activities are accompanied with stress. Sometimes they are positive, but usualy we call stressful only negative situations and experience. And different people have different appetite reactions on stress – in some it grows significantly, while in others it conversely decreases. If loss of appetite can be corrected by timing and a reminding of your goals, to stop emotional overeating is not so easy – you need to work on five fronts. Overeating during stress not only can make you obese, it is harmful for your health because of digestive syste disprders and mental discomfort and feeling shame after meal.

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http://www.givjoy.com/media/digifiles/2015/12/wpid-life-over-eating.jpg5. Listen your’s body signals

Emotional overeating can be caused not only by stress, but also anger, sadness, anxiety, boredom, of PMS. The distinctive sign of overeating – it’s a craving for food when you are not hungry.

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What to do: write down everything that you eat. Even if you not keep a food diary, write down all you ate. It is useful for checking what do you want – sweet, salty, fatty, crispy. If you can not suppress the desire, find a healthy alternative. For example, instead of butter can eat cream cheese, instead of crisps crunch cabbage.

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http://cdn.24.co.za/files/Cms/General/d/2889/2c33920590d14724b500022ac274245d.jpg4. Remember motivation

In moments of disruption to food under stress, motivation recedes into the background. Of course,keeping in the mind image of desired body greatly affects on eating behavior, but not always, especially during PMS.

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What to do: Keep on mind what motivates you to achieve the goal. You can make a map of the target and hang it in a prominent place. If you have a good body and your figure is almost perfect – think about how you will feel after overeating.

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3. Add the motion

If you already have your dinner and next meal a couple of hours is not desirable, but threre is the desire to snack that does not allow you to focus on another business. Movement – the best way to escape.

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What to do: turn on the music, do some exercise and dance or go for a walk. Alternatively, start cleaning. No matter what you prefer, most importantly, move. It is possible that this activity will be able to divert your attention, you will not notice as the time came for a full meal.

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http://foodsforbellyfat.com/wp-content/uploaded-files/15290971_s-282x300.jpg2. Do not limit yourself

Do not sit on starvation diets that eliminate entire food groups. This is useful only in some cases – for bodybuilders during preparation to the competitions and for the diagnosis of allergies. If you are on diet – regularly allow yourself cheatmeals that with your favourite goodies.

What to do: Check your diet, foods that you love must be balanced by proteins, carbs & fats, and, most importantly, meal must be varied. Include in your diet cheatmeals days when you can eat your favorite snacks. Plan in advance that day, write it down. Knowing that you can eat a piece of cake at the end of the week, should discourage you to go to the store for this sweetness right now.

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1. Prepare to day X

http://prettymomguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/emotional-overeating.jpg?9d8ff5One of the main secrets of avoiding of so-called over-eating during stress is to consume protein with each meal. Protein really helps to control appetite, but if you feel to be inclined to overeat, it is better to stock up on healthy food for such day.

What to do: It would be nice to have available products for snacks that do not make the weather in your diet. This can be low-fat yogurt, fruit, whole grain bread, egg whites, etc.

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d0/4a/42/d04a42b3f8109442ecc2c58e852c306b.jpgYou deserve to be healthy and happy. But stop to eat whole cake if something gone wrong!


And finally, some tips on how to stop snack:
• Eat only at the dinner table;
• Serve food;
• Use a small bowls;
• Eliminate all distractions – TV, PC etc.

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