St. Valentine’s Day Celebrating Traditions All Around The World

St. Valentine’s Day is approaching and is going to be celebrated not only by you and other people of Nigeria, but other countries will also meet this special day in their special manner. Read how the day of Love is celebrated all around the world and maybe you’ll borrow some interesting idea for yourself.

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St. Valentine’s Day in Japan

N3jMveXCWxYUnlike other women in the world, Japanese are very shy by their nature, especially it regards intimate relationships. But on February, 14th they get a chance to make their first step and show their attractiveness. St. Valentine’s Day is the day when men relax and women try to satisfy their needs, surprise with sweet presents like chocolates and boxes with candies and truffles.

But don’t think that poor Japanese women don’t get any return for their attempts to please their men. On March, 14th there is a holiday called “White Day”. This is a Japanese prototype of All Women’s Day and is the time when men should show their love pleasing their women. Unlike small gifts that are prepared by women on St. Valentine’s Day, men buy their beloved ones fine jewelry, expensive perfume, and leather bags.

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St. Valentine’s Day in South Korea

4NTKLVVwiTQContinuing the Japanese tradition Southern Koreans have expanded their celebrations to every 14th day of every month of a year. And what is special about it is that all of them are related to the theme of Love. The year starts with January, 14th and its ‘Candle Day’, then goes February, 14th‘Valentine’s Day’, March, 14th‘White Day’, April, 14th‘Black Day’, May, 14th‘Rose Day’, June, 14th‘Kiss Day’, July, 14th‘Silver Day’, August, 14th‘Green Day’, September, 14th‘Music Day’, October, 14th‘Wine Day’, November, 14th‘Movie Day’, December, 14th‘Hug Day’.

HdEdK8Oo71AAn interesting fact is that even if you are single and didn’t get a present neither for February nor for March, you get a chance to find someone on Black Day – someone who is also seeking for their love partner. On this day people gather in the restaurants and eat jajangmyeon. This is a dish made up of white Korean noodles with a black bean sauce. Some see it as a tradition of eating black noodles with other single friends, while others see it as more of a consolation dinner or mourning of being single.

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St. Valentine’s Day in Denmark & Norway

zne_Y05xcpgEven though St. Valentine’s Day was introduced in these countries not so long ago, they have already succeeded in creating their own celebrating traditions. On this day men write funny love poems to women without saying who actually wrote them. But they leave a little hint – the dots, each one corresponding to the letter of man’s name. In this way a woman who gets a card with a poem at least knows how many letters are there in the man’s name. If the woman succeeds in guessing who is the sender, she wins an Easter egg on Easter later that year. If not, she owes an egg to her secret admirer.

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St. Valentine’s Day in Slovenia

vvP5H9RYjr4In Slovenia St. Valentine’s Day is more of a religious one. Here it is better known as St. Zdravko’s Day who is known to be a spring patron. February, 14th is an auspicious day to start working in vineyards and fields as usually around this time of year one starts noticing the revival of plants and flowers. The people of Slovenia also have a belief that the birds of the fields propose to their beloved ones and get married on this day, and to witness this one must walk barefoot through the field, on sometimes still frozen ground.

The actual Day of Love in Slovenia is March, 12th – the St. Gregory’s Day. This is the time when people exchange love cards and some sweet gifts showing their love and appreciation.

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St. Valentine’s Day in Finland & Estonia

O68HjN3XVaAHere this day is more like a day of friendship. Even in Finnish and Estonian translation it is called ‘Friend’s Day’. People exchange cards and gifts among friends with the greeting “Happy Friends Day”. However, it’s quite a popular day to tie a knot or get engaged.

St. Valentine’s Day in France

TgLEZriRS6IWho’d ever imagine that the most romantic place in the world would bring to life one of the weirdest celebrating habits of this day? For decades St. Valentine’s Day was the day of freedom for women. They were able to dissolve their marriage or even to cheat on their husband without any consequences. Moreover, the husband must put a good face on it.

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