Daddy, I`m Loth To Eat It! Cute Ideas Of Serving Food

You want to give pleasure to your child every day – but if you buy him new toys every day – you risk go broke very quickly.


At the same time, you cook him something every day – so why not add some creativity and diversity to this process? Moreover, if you decorate your dish really cool, you won`t hear: “I won’t eat that”!


Beautiful woman cooking in the kitchen

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Wanna learn how to make food your kid would rather play with than eat?

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The easiest, the most useful and most importantly cute kid’s breakfast – whole wheat bread with slices of banana and raisins in a form of a bear faces.


Owl that would make your child laugh in the morning – bread slices with cucumber, cream cheese and raisins.


And these funny pigs of “painted” with beet juice rice with cabbage and greens, you can serve even to a Muslim child without a risk to angry the gods!


An interesting way to turn a simple apple into a work of art!


Hare from whole grains bread, celery, carrot and banana.


Great breakfast for a child who is going to school – you will have to work hard here – chops, rice, vegetables and smoked meat.


An incredible way to show your child how a hot dog can look like!


Meeting friends: every time a new taste!


And let the other kids be scared and envious!


Delicious and energetic kitten…. Or a little tiger?


And here is all in one: healthy and delicious food and eatable spoons!


A delicious gift from forest – almonds on a sweet yogurt base with cookies!


Another unique idea for a high-grade lunch – rice, greens, chicken pieces, vegetables.

Stop playing with your food – create smth extraordinary for your kids!

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Your child does not like buckwheat porridge? You just can’t serve it right!


A landscape made of usual sausages and greens!


And here’s how you can use the cooked beets with sour cream and carrots!


“Today you have spaghetti with carrots and sweet corn for a lunch! Don’t want? I bet you’ll change you mind when you see it!”


Another variation on Spongebob theme – finely chopped boiled potatoes, a slice of meat, radishes.


“A watermelon again?”

“No, today you`ll have a hedgehog!”


Simply a lovely sight of various sweets, you can sculpt any form you want!


Fruity frog will give strength to your kid right in the morning!


You can make this relaxing and delicious landscape to your child closer to the evening before the bedtime!


And here you will have to work hard and roll these balls from properly cooked rice to create the effect of the 3D-bear in the Jacuzzi!


Literally a fresh idea of dish decoration – fruity still life for your kid!


Jungle Book directly on a plate! Biscuit, noodles, vegetables and fruits – supply of calories per half a day!

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Young African-American Woman Preparing Delicious Lunch

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African American Parents Children Family Eating At Dining Table

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