10 Tips How To Settle In A New Company

To blend into the team means to learn behave in accordance to company’s corporate rules and norms. It also means one should get a recognition and respect from their colleagues. How to do it if you are a newcomer?

Get your honestly earned recognition at your new workplace!

?1 – Define a smart approach

1It is quite difficult to define a balance between self-confidence and the need of new knowledge. An excessive self-confidence may seem like haughtiness and become a reason of your relationships with the colleagues to worsen. An excessive modesty may, on the contrary, make people doubt in your professional abilities. Set a smart balance – demonstrate belief in your abilities and show your readiness to listen and learn.

?2 – Grow into your new role

First of all, you should sort out your new job responsibilities and understand what is required from you. Make sure, you are aware with your job description and your direct responsibilities. Learn about the acting systems, processes, and procedures. Don’t be shy to ask questions and use all the introductory trainings and seminars that are offered by the company.

?3 – Build relationships

3Your success is partly dependent on your good relationships with the colleagues. So it is necessary to maintain a balance between additional tasks and good relationships with the colleagues. Of course, your main priority should be your communication with your manager and your team. But keeping in touch with the employees from other departments is no less important. For this, you shouldn’t abandon to take part in different cultural events organized by the company. This will allow you to get to know people better, as well as it will let your colleagues understand you better as a personality.

?4 – Define your ‘key’ contacts

For the first time it will be impossible to make contacts with everybody. So your task here is to define the ‘key’ people who would be the most beneficial for you and who can help you get involved in company’s activity faster. Think also about finding a mentor who would tell you about the real functional system of the company – about its management, internal culture and cross relationships.

?5 – Inspect non-formal structures of the organization

5There are always non-formal structures of power in every organization regardless of official structures and sources of communication. Be attentive to the functioning of formal and non-formal structures in your new company. Networking and contacts establishment will let you better understand when and where it is the most efficient to use official and non-official channels.

?6 – Offer constructive changes

Keep in mind that you have been given this job mainly because you have offered something and because employers have seen those professional skills and perspectives you can bring for the company. So your task now is to look at the company with a fresh sight and put your valuable contribution. But before presenting your change offers to the other people, figure out why before you the work was performed this particular way. Don’t just criticize and refuse, but try to make your approach a constructive one.

?7 – Show your capabilities

7Don’t try to make an employer certain right away he wasn’t mistaken to hire you. Target for yourself a not very difficult goal a small improvement realization of which will become more or less an easy win and will bring you success. This will let your colleagues get aware of your capabilities, and for you – strengthen your self-confidence. Besides, you will win some additional time to solve more complicated issues and tasks.

?8 – Agree on the feedback and analyze your successes

The real help when adapting to a new working environment you can get from your regular feedback from your supervisor and your colleagues. Ask them about their impressions about the work you’ve done and set up periodical meetings for your success discussions. Devote some of your own time to estimate your latest achievements and to set some new targets. Don’t torture yourself for the mistakes you might have done. Take it as an experience and the chance to avoid similar break-downs in the future. But keep in mind that you are expected to tune in into a working process ASAP and your mistakes won’t be forgiven for an endless time.

?9 – Take the maximum out of educational and developmental programs

9After you will have been adapted to a new role, you should estimate your weak and strong points. Get to know how the upgrade qualification is being carried out in the organization, and if there is an annual process of employees’ assessment. Learn also about the trainings and mentorship programs – it shouldn’t take much time or be too expensive.

?10 – Take care of yourself

Entering into a new organization is always accompanied by stressful situations. The adaptation to new people and new working environment dries all your energy out. Until you completely get into a new working role, don’t forget to devote some time in your schedule to strengthen your physical and spiritual health. Striving to work eagerly to make an impression is understandable, but don’t allow yourself to work endless hours. In places where you are not expected to show any feat, proceed with your ordinary rhythm. Don’t forget to feed properly, and find the time to rest and relax.

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