4 Phrases You Shouldn’t Say To Your Boss

For the comfortable atmosphere at work it’s not only important to have good relationships with your colleagues, but with your supervisors as well. Watch your mouth as there are things you better not say out loud – at least to your boss.

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“This is not my work”


There are tasks in every business that require quick decisions and in an appropriate moment there just might be a lack of people. The salary of every employee directly depends on the company’s success. That’s why superiors are malicious to those who refuse to execute tasks that are not stated in their job description. If you have an opportunity to do something, you better do it and not make your boss unsatisfied with you. Or make a constructive argument why this responsibility is better to be delegated to another employee. But don’t ever say it’s not your work!

“This is not my fault”


Every employer appreciates the ability to take responsibility upon oneself in their employees. Even if this is really not your fault, you better to help find the solution than simply taking your hands off the problems. By doing so, you will show yourself as a reliable employee and such one that can be trusted. So the next time your supervisor thinks whom to offer a promotion, they will choose you upon those who once said “This is not my fault” to the problem that had appeared.

“I cannot work with John”


Personal dislike issues are barely interesting to your employer. Work is work, and you should do it. As regards to your personal relationships with other colleagues, this is none of someone else’s issues, but yours. So it’s only up to you to learn dealing with John and not screwing up with your direct working responsibilities.

“It’s impossible”


You cannot say the task is impossible for execution right away. Even if you are 100% sure of that, it’s better to analyze the situation once more, detect the impediments on the path to its resolution and report about them constructively to your supervisor. Such approach to work will only assure your employer of your professionalism and how lucky they are to have you in their team.

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