5 Tips To Work Productively For A Bad Company

There is no bad company – this is what everyone should start thinking about from the very beginning. And even if the company you work for really sucks, keep in mind that there are always numerous opportunities to achieve success.

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1) Perceive this company as a good one – in the future

1“Work as you live in the best ages of a dignified nation” – these words are carved on the stone near the Scottish Parliament. If you work on the graveyard, it doesn’t mean you should behave like you work on the graveyard. Build a new better company inside you head. Write a manifest. Come to the same building as the rest of your colleagues, but follow the ideals of your own unseen company.

2After all, you are not the only person in the company who is unsatisfied. There will be others willing to work in your “better company inside a terrible one”. Choose at least a couple of people and you will see – these are the first days of something better.

2) Good companies are not more talented ones, but more stubborn

3James Bond is the most famous factious character in the world. How can you shoot a bad movie about James Bond? It’s simple. Just follow all the amendments offered to you. This is exactly what happened when they tried to do a movie for the first time. One can only imagine how it all was – “Bond is too English for our audience, let’s make him American”, “James is a bit pretentious name, let it be Jimmy”, and so on.

The problem of all bad companies is that they hold on the idea. They don’t allow it to be washed out and ruined. And most of trashy ideas came out of brilliant thoughts. But they crashed under the weight of million small amendments and improvements on their way to the results. Ask Bond, Jimmy Bond.

3) Such bullshit can happen only here

4There is always such a person in each company. Such people imagine themselves an ideal picture of an ideal company where the customers run in right from the street offering you their money. Of course, they didn’t work in the company of such kind, but their friends did (sarcasm). Don’t be such a person! One day you will end up in a worthy company. But there also will be such people walking on the corridors and whimpering how bad is everything.

The place where “bullshit doesn’t happen” exists only in the consciousness of the offended people. If you are made to communicate with them, at least don’t think like them. In the beginning of the career path there is a seduction to seem cool and cynical. But this is your sure way to turn into a dullard.

4) Side job

5David Ogilvy who is probably the most successful person in the advertisement business, had side jobs. And many of his famous advertising findings were created not at the main workplace. And if Ogilvy, whose name stands on the first place of one of the biggest advertising agencies, didn’t spare his time to make up awesome things on his weekends. So you are also allowed to do the same.

5) The best opportunities – are in front of you

6If today you came out of the elevator with a thought “What if Apple orders an advertisement today? I would definitely create something cool!” Then you must still wait for a long time. It doesn’t matter what you are working on today, there is always a chance to create something great. Even if you are working on something that seems boring to you, people will be even more impressed when you do this work brilliantly. And if your abilities are restricted by the company you work in, create your own one in your head.

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