7 Tips To Turn Women’s Attention Successfully

There are numerous tips on the Internet of how to get woman’s attention written by the men. But today we are going to use the tips of the real experts – the women themselves. So read carefully and get prepared to get them charmed by your persona.

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A good dress is a card of invitation; a good mind is a letter of recommendation. Appearance is our everything if we want to make a good impression on the people we meet for the first time. So it is especially important to dress and groom right and keep your body in the proper condition.

1) Clothing

1What is the first thing that catches your sight when a woman passes by? Of course, this is the way she looks like and how well she is dressed up. The same natural rule works with women. They also are attracted to men who know how to dress and look right. So take your time to pick up the clothing that will fit you the best and be aware most of the women will appreciate it.

2) Grooming

2For what it’s worth, a nice clothing is nothing without a proper grooming. It is like a nice expensive car without a good tuning. Such little details as a nice watch or a tie are capable to differentiate a man with a taste from an average joe.

3) Keeping your body in shape

3And again, even if you have already learnt to pick up the right clothing and to groom properly, it is not enough if your body shape doesn’t correspond to the modern women’s requests. All of the women are attracted to men who work out. Plus the gym is a great place to actually find that special woman or to make the one you’ve been crushing on for so long turn her attention to you.


Your body language, the way you behave with one definite woman and other ones are also some kind of your self-expression that will either attract or push women away. So the key advices for you are to:

4) Stay relaxed

4All women prefer confident and easy-to-hang-with guys. In order to make such an impression, you should stay calm and relaxed no matter how much you might be nervous in fact. To achieve this, imagine that the woman you are trying to impress is your old friend. Would you be nervous when talking to your friend? Of course not. A cool head gives you the chance to show her the real you and all of the advantages you have gotten.

5) Make eye contact

5Nothing gets two people closer while communicating than a well-maintained eye contact. This will show her you are a confident man who really pays a close attention to her. If you are still not acquainted with the woman you like but want to know beforehand if she will be interested to get to know you, eye contact is a great tool in this case. Just give her a glance and look if she will glance at you back. If she does, you may come to make acquaintance with her and talk.

6) Keep smiling

6Women are attracted to positive men. And if you keep preserving a good mood inside and a smile on your face, you will be definitely noticed. Women subconsciously are magnetized to men with the positive aura around them, as it is a direct sign that the hours spent with such a man are going to be entertaining and full of joy.

One extra-tip from experts!

7) Smell good

7Don’t underestimate the importance of shower gels, fragrant moisturizers, and good perfume. The smell is probably the most powerful sense for women that can both attract or push them away. So don’t spare your money for a good perfume that smells the way it makes every woman overwhelmed when you walk past her, and use the hair products which are able to make you feel rich no matter where you are.

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