7 Types Of Women Men Cannot Stand

Are you wondering why your relationships cannot last for longer than a couple of months? Maybe there are some negative features of character that your partner cannot stand? Or maybe you are just one that type of women stated below that no man would like to share his life with?

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#1 – Negativity-generating women

tT0rQ03jbJoYes, of course there are people with the ‘negative aura’ but those are the people who actually suffer from it. The negativity-generating women are the ones who start arguing about nothing, in other words are making mountains out of molehills. Men appreciate it when coming back from work they can be welcomed by a beloved wife cooking tasty dinner, kissing and hugging her man. And it is enormously pushing-off when the negativity becomes an ordinary state of things and your man is seeking for all possible ways to escape.

#2 – Drama-inventing women

KKUAhUIpwSoUndoubtedly, that all women are found of drama-making. Life is a theatre for them, and there definitely should be something mind-blowing and blood-heating. It may be a simple jealousy and the desire to control everything which manifests texting your partner 100 messages an hour. But consider that at the moment he might be at the very important meeting and you disturbing him put yourself in the position of an undesirable woman.

#3 – Independent women

-d7tOTz4jv0Men like independent women but it’s important to not overplay with your self-esteem. It’s good you have a highly-paid job that allows you to own your property and to pay all the bills on your own. But when you ask him to live at your home and not try to build something together, it may scare him away. As the picture any men sees when communicating with such women is him carrying her bag and her keeping his balls in the pockets of her business suit.

#4 – Artificial women

VcCfqJwEMyQMen literally cannot stand women who try to look like Barbie dolls putting all of the makeup they’ve got at home on their face and wearing super-short dresses. Remember, everything that looks unnatural about you is a sure turnoff for him. So the best way is to devote a bit much time for scrubbing your face and putting any mask with natural ingredients on it. This will help you look more fresh and attractive.

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#5 – Weight-watching women

iUZrZy3Xo_oIt is good you regularly visit a gym and that you consume a healthy food only. But when you are at the birthday party of his best friend or at the concert of his favorite rock-band and he wants you to share a bottle of beer with him, don’t reject his offer. Too self-concentrated women who are literally crazy about their weight are repellant to most of men. It is much more preferred to spend time with an easy-going woman who you can have fun with than a person who restricts herself in all joys of life.

#6 – Narcissistic women

FQ8RtAF_0rUBeautiful with their appearance and ugly inside – these are the female types that will never be appreciated by men. All such women are concerned about is their outlook and so usually they spend their time wasting lots of money on beauty services and shopping, and they don’t invest in their education at all. Such women are not interesting communicators; they are just a beautiful image with a selfish filling.

#7 – Naïve women

xYI3s7QT7KwYes, men hate too selfish, self-confident and self-independent women. But it doesn’t mean you should play a dumb girl and say ‘yes’ to anything he asks you about. Stop being naïve and turn on your brains for a bit. Being too simple won’t call much of interest in him and soon he’ll get bored of you.

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