Newest Inventions In Health Sphere

We won`t be wrong, if we say that some of the most useful inventions are innovative devices designed for health sphere.


The precise device can greatly facilitate human life during illness, save lots of money and even save his life!


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Artificial heart AbioCor

AbioCor 1

Artificial heart developed by Abiomed, Inc., and in July 2001 a group of surgeons from the Louisville (Kentucky) managed to implant a new generation of artificial heart. The device, called the AbioCor, was implanted to a man, who suffered from congestive heart failure.

AbioCor 2

Although such medical devices have been used before, AbioCor is the most perfect of its kind. In the previous versions the patient was connected to a huge console through tubes inserted through the skin, and the man remained confined to bed. Whereas AbioCor autonomously exists within the human body and does not need additional wiring or pipes that extend outwards.

AbioCor 3

Portable device for injections

Injections 1

Sometimes patients make injections themselves – but there is a risk that a person can forget to make an injection in time and that can lead to serious consequences.

Injections 2

Recently there appeared devices which automatically inject the necessary dose of medication into man`s arm. Device actively used by people suffering from diabetes. Next are the patients with cancer.

Injections 3

Some advantages of the device:

  • more free time – now you don’t necessarily stay in hospital – injections can be done at home;
  • saving money – no hospitalization;
  • “human factor” risk. Even the most experienced nurse can be wrong.

Lab-on-DVD – medical lab based on DVD

Lab-on-DVD 1

Swedish scientists have invented a way to transform an ordinary DVD-player into universal medical laboratory.

Lab-on-DVD 2

It turns out that laser for reading a disc can be used to analyze blood for different components, checking the DNA and human immunodeficiency virus in submitted samples.

Life without an air: oxygen injections


US researchers from Boston came up with a way to live perfectly well without the need to breathe the air.

Oxygen 2

You need only one injection and within a half an hour your body will be sufficiently provided with oxygen. This will substitute the tracheotomy procedure and will be very useful in medicine of catastrophes and military-field surgery.

Scanadu – a real medical device from a “Star Trek”

Scanadu 1

Scientists have created a device called Scanadu, which is a real embodiment of famous from “Star Trek” series and films threecoder.

Scanadu 2

This small tool will allow within a few seconds to determine the temperature of the human body, his blood pressure, electrocardiogram readings, heart rate, and the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Scanadu 3

Pill with a camera

???????? 1

Using such a pill you can diagnose cancer at a very early stage. The device was created with the aim of producing high quality color images in limited spaces.

???????? 2

Pill-camera can “notice” the signs of esophageal cancer, its size is approximately equal to the width of an adult human`s nail and twice as long.

???????? 3

Bionic contact lens

Lenses 1

Researchers at the University of Washington managed to connect the elastic contact lens with printed electronic circuit.

Lenses 3

This invention helps user to see the world, applying computerized pictures over his own view. According to the inventors, bionic contact lenses can be useful for chauffeurs and pilots, showing them the routes, information about the weather or the vehicles.

Lenses 2

In addition, these contact lenses can monitor such physical human indicators like cholesterol levels, the presence of bacteria and viruses. The collected data can be sent to a computer using wireless transmission.



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