Top 5 Seasons Of Sales

Begin your treasure hunt with Jiji! We gathered the best discount you could imagine during this season. And here is what we found!

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Discounts are always nice! You can buy it cheaper. Save somewhere – and even afford more!


There are several seasonal periods and days/nights of discounts, when you have to literally elbowing fight competitors for easy prey and wait for “opening doors” since midnight. But it’s worth it!


And don`t forget that on Jiji it`s always Season of Sales!  It`s kind of tradition here!

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St. Valentine’s Day

February 14th

This holiday is not the only, but a remarkable occasion to remind loved ones about their feelings and, sometimes, about very serious intentions.


Since before the holiday sharply increases the demand for gifts with love theme or gifts of category “for her” and “for him”, many Internet stores in the United States, Europe, and Asia for about 2 weeks before the holiday announce special promotions and price reductions on selected product groups.

Mideast Iraq Valentines Day

Flowers, fragrance, cosmetics, fashionable clothes, jewelry and watches are the traditional gifts for women (read more about gifts for St. Valentines Day). But nobody will stop you to go ahead and buy your beloved lady a smartphone, tablet, or even a car!

Choose gifts that suit your feelings on Jiji!

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October 31th

Halloween in its present sense, with costumed parties, is considered a modern holiday and is traditionally celebrated in all English-speaking countries. Around the world, people hold unusual and funny costumed parties or involve professional party makers.

Halloween 1

Online shops with goods of youth-related issues, and focus just can’t stay away from this celebration and in honor of Halloween they arrange all sorts of promotions and sales.

Halloween 3

The drop in the prices of selected goods in anticipation of the holiday can be found in United States, European and Asian stores and, of course, on Jiji!

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Black Friday

4-th Friday of November

Traditional Christmas sales season starts on this day.

Black Friday 1

On Black Friday shops open very early — around 5 am, and some major retail chains — even at midnight. The first buyers are offered serious discounts — this is done in order to attract in the stores as much buyers as possible.

Black Friday 3

The term “Black Friday” first appeared in Philadelphia and meant severe traffic jams on Friday after Thanksgiving. The term “Black Friday” is also used in the American accounting system.

On Jiji on Black Friday you can buy any goods with a substantial discount – larger than in many other stores!

Black Friday 2


December 25th

Christmas sales considered to be the largest and most lavish to discounts!  Mobile gadgets, make-up, clothing and accessories, homeware, furniture, home appliances are literally demolished from stalls!

Shoppers pictured on Princes Street in Edinburgh looking for bargains in the sales. Shopping centres throughout the UK are bracing themselves for an even bigger rush today as the post-Christmas sales get into full swing. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Photo date: Friday December 27, 2007. With the run-up to Christmas generally perceived as slow, many chains opened yesterday hoping to attract shoppers amid signs of economic slowdown fuelled by the Northern Rock crisis and the global credit crunch. See PA story CONSUMER Sales. Photo credit should read: David Cheskin/PA Wire

During the Christmas sales most online stores require more time for processing and shipping orders. If, in normal times say shop processes the order for 3 days then in Christmas sales this period may increase up to a week or more.

Christmas 2

This is the peak sales period and not always the stores can cope quickly with all that orders. The second most common problem for this period of purchases – physical lack of goods in a warehouse.

Christmas 3

Goods bought so quickly that the stores don’t always have time to update the information regarding the availability on their websites.

However, Jiji team always manages to do its job at 100% and never make you wait for processing and delivery of your order – even in such a hot season like Christmas!

Seasonal sales

Seasonal sales happen almost in all stores and they are arranged in each of the seasons – spring-summer-autumn-winter.

Seasonal 1

First and foremost, this applies to stores selling seasonal goods, usually clothes or shoes.

Seasonal 3

Seasonal sales principle is quite simple. At this time the shop tries to sell leftovers of products from the collections of the past season and part of the ongoing season with low demand. That is, during the summer you can buy a coat cheaper and in winter – an air conditioner.

Seasonal 2

Buy cheaper on Jiji!

Remember that on the largest marketplace in Nigeria you can always find discounts! It`s kind of our good tradition!