What To Do If There Are Nothing To Do?

Think, who can ask such a question. It can be several categories of people:
Completely “free” person. This may be a pupil or a student during the vacation, office worker during the holidays, people in a new place of residence, etc. The main thing here is that people who change the habitual way of life, lose touch with friends, colleagues and relatives for some time. It runs when the new school year starts, holidays ends and life comes to normal.
Partial “free” person. Here we are  talk about the very short period of free time. For example, a person had plans, and suddenly they were transferred or canceled for some reason. And there are three or four hours of free time, when you need something to do.

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It is clear that the person who heads a lot tasks is rarely given this matter. Modern people, often experience lack of time: work, family, friends, hobbies, entertainment, sleep. For the last, as usual, left too short time and this is why there are questions such as “How to sleep?” or “How to overcome sleepiness?”. But it happens that even the ever-busy people drop out of their familiar rhythm of life and feel the loss of interest in surroundings, boredom, lack of novelty.

What do you do when you have nothing to do?

Suppose you have worked or studied fruitfully for 5 days, and you are given a couple days off. In this case, you are completely free of obligations: not yet have a family, the parents did not ask for help, with friends you will meet only in the evening. In the morning you can allow you not to get up early. But you still need something to occupy yourself during the day. And if you bought the food, cleaned your apartment, what to do in this case?
You can enroll in a variety of courses and workshops for the weekend. It is not always worth a lot of money, and sometimes even free. Besides, think that it is not a waste of time, but really interesting experience. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to dance? Or to paint portraits? Make up a bouquets? To play guitar?

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Remember the childhood, those thoughts a la “I want to be a pilot,” and implement them! Yes, you you will not become a pilot, but feel the same emotions by playing with RC helicopter!
Become a  volunteer. Of course, this activity may be suitable only for people with an active lifestyle, which are rarely exposed to the thoughts that have nothing to do, but what if you will realize that this – your calling? Volunteers gather help to children in orphanages, homeless animals, the elderly, etc. If some kind of problem affected you deeply, perhaps, you will become a source of happiness and hope for someone, and this feeling, believe me, worth it.

Take care of yourself, your appearance and personal development. At the weekend it is possible to go in gym while if the time on during the working week does not remain. You can run around in the park. Girls can visit the beauty salon or have beauty procedures at home, make various hydrating mask for the face and body, try paraffin or a new anti-cellulite massage. You can enrich your the spiritual world, reading a book or watching a film with meaning.

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