6 Cacoethes Which Can Make Your Colleagues Hate You

How to annoy boss and colleagues? Can’t find out why colleagues don’t like you? Maybe, you have one of this habits!
Don’t repeat this bad advises because no colleague will ever invite you to lunch or coffee!

6. Eating at the workplace

Once in the morning, on the way to the in the office, your soul demanded grilled chicken. Or a huge hamburger and fries. Or this dietary salad with tuna. Yielding to the requirements of the soul, you bought something from the list and brought this something to the office. Now colleagues enjoy tuna flavors, chicken sauce with a gentle scent and potatoes, with which even a central ventilation cannot cope. And they certainly dream of strangling you. For breakfast, lunch and other smelly scrummy there are a cafe and a dining room!

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5. Looking over somebody’s shoulder

And to comment on what you see there. For example, a colleague wrote an article, and you tell in her/his left ear, “Oh, well, the beginning is quite good!.” In general, any delivery of information without request – it is always bad tone, and the violation of personal boundaries – even worse. Peeping into someone else’s monitor (even without words) is a disgusting idea, it is not surprising if, after such a rotten stuff colleagues will stand you apart.

4. Listening to music

The mankind has invented the Internet, Skype, robot vacuum cleaner, electronic Pokemons, and even such a wonderful thing as headphones. So if you want to listen to a new Beyonce song or sad howl of Lana del Rey for 18 times per day, use exactly the headphones rather than speakers. What if colleagues do not love Beyonce, but Mozart? Or even worse – they dream to work in silence?

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4. Trying new perfume

Even if on this unremarkable working Tuesday you’ll go to a date, and you’re going to be fully armed – do not do that. Do not spray perfume in the workplace. Even if this fragrance, in your opinion, as beautiful as the morning star, the new Tarantino film, and jeans 25-gauge. Just don’t spray the perfume inside the office as there might be allergic individuals or simply those people who don’t like this kind of fragrance.

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3. Coming to work with cold

Do you really think that someone will appreciate your heroism? Come on. No one wants to see you in the office with a wiping nose, cough and a temperature of 37 and 9. And this with not to mention the colleagues who, presenting the prospect to get your cold themselves, will immediately want  you to go away. Go home and get some medicines.

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2. Talking loudly on the phone

Especially the personal conversations. But what if you need to talk to a friend, or to plan for the weekend with mother her upcoming visit? There is a simple recipe to spend working time on phone calls, without annoying anybody: ask mom or girlfriend call you on your mobile, get out of open space or office to a place where you will not disturb anyone. For example, in the hallway or on the street – at the same time you will breathe fresh air.

Conducting workshops

Especially on your working place. Meeting – a necessary thing  but here is the report that a colleague is trying to write (and can not, because around your is a swarm of employees who discuss work issues) is no less necessary. Postpone the meeting in the meeting room – everyone will be happy.

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