7 Best Tips To Photograph Like A Pro

With the appearance of digital cameras and smart phones with high-quality cameras, everyone can become a photographer or at least make good quality pictures for their own home gallery. Read these 7 tips how to photograph like a pro to improve your shooting skills.

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Tip #1 – Consider the light


Before you actually raise your camera, analyze where the light is coming from. Whether it is a natural light coming from the sun or an artificial light coming from a lamp in your room – it should not be located on the back of the object you are photographing. On the contrary, in order to make your object more vivid, the light should be coming from behind you.

Tip #2 – Use flash


Don’t neglect using the flash during the darker time of the day. Consider using the flash even when the sun is at its zenith. Sometimes it happens that you see some very special moment that must be captured right away, but you don’t have the time to change your location in the way the light will be directed to the object. In this case, use the flash to help you take a better picture.

Tip #3 – ISO


90% of all amateur photo-shooters wonder about necessity of using ISO. So there is one simple rule – the darker it is in the place you are intending to take your picture, the higher the ISO must be. Just keep in mind that increasing your ISO increases the grain or pixel size in your photo. So don’t use an ISO of 3200 or 6400 if you don’t want a photo with a lot of “digital noise”.

Tip #4 – Get closer


If you want as highest quality picture as it’s only possible, don’t rely on zooming too much. Get closer to the object – I mean physically – don’t be lazy to crawl on the ground just to take a picture of the bee sucking honey from the flowers. Afterwards, you will be very glad for yourself you’ve managed to take such a marvelous photo.

Tip #5 – Buy books, not expensive gear


To get some more fresh ideas about creative shooting it is not necessary to invest in expensive cameras and lenses. You can simply buy a good book that will provide you with all necessary information about the correct shooting and will give you some fresh ideas for your photo activities. Just don’t be lazy to spend some time picking up the best book about photo shooting available today.

Tip #6 – Read the manual


If in any case you have decided to opt for a good camera anyway, read the manual. It will provide you with the general information about your camera’s capacities and can give you some valuable advices how to take care of it and what tasks it was mainly designed for.

Tip #7 – Try other exposure modes


In order to achieve some desired effects on your image, take your camera out of its comfort zone, meaning switch off the automatic or P mode and use some other ones.

  • AV or aperture value mode allows you to set the aperture while the camera sets the appropriate shutter speed. Use this mode to lower the shutter speed to create a shallow depth of field, which will blur the background and result in clean, snappy portraits.
  • TV or time value mode allows you control the shutter speed while the camera sets the aperture. Use this mode when you need to capture a flock of bicyclists as they fly by your lens, but you want the camera to decide the appropriate aperture for that speed.

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