How To Follow Your Destiny? Part 2

Myth ?3. It is necessary to find your destiny, otherwise life is meaningless.

Destiny is not the Holy Grail, it will not solve all your problems. After having realized it, you will only be able to better understand their way. You will make decisions faster, and your actions will be more accurate. Understand that you should not seek for destiny – it will find you when you are ready. If you lie by, wait for something and spend your life for the short-term pleasure and a selfish attitude towards other people, as even the best expert in the destination search will not help you.

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You probably know people who do not think about their destination, they are just doing their job in the surrounding. They do it hard, with a good faith and with enthusiasm. And it seems that they always were as lucky as they are right now and many consider them an exception to the rule. But if you ask, what is the secret of their success, they will tell you that when they are at the beginning of one thing, and meet an obstacle on their road, they analyze it, and adjust their next actions, so in case of failure they may simply switch to other occupation. No, it doesn’t mean they gave up on the intended purpose. They just made all the necessary changes to adapt to the situation that has appeared. Understanding of your destiny is a kind of gift provided to you for all the difficulties that you have already overcome – for all the work upon yourself that you have done.

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Maybe I am still waiting for my destiny to find me, because I know that …

Myth ?4. The destiny is given to people from their birth.

According to this myth, everything in life is predetermined and is known in advance. And one may wonder why hurry somewhere, if I can begin to act in accordance to my destiny at any time, and I will get success, fame, money, happiness for sure? But what if I tell you that the destiny may change during your lifetime? What if the word destiny is erroneous to determine and the word mission is more appropriate? We are constantly changing throughout our lifetime. And so does the level of our awareness in our actions, thoughts, and behavior.

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We change our qualities, character, abilities, habits, beliefs and principles. Sometimes this is influenced by the circumstances of life, but we can do it consciously and deliberately. Develop a new quality and ability, that will help you become a better version of yourself. Carry out the work on your own thoughts and beliefs, identify those that inhibit your success, and replace them with promoting you for life. In fact, high levels of awareness can change even the values ??that guide your actions.


As you can see, the destiny has nothing common with profession. And all the knowledge one must possess does not guarantee you success and happiness in life. Do not devote your entire life to finding your destiny, because the meaning of our lives is filled with emotions, people, events, and actions. Rather listen to yourself and what actions bring you the most pleasure and how it can connect with the aid provided to people. So your destiny, your true vocation will not wait long!

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