Why Men Lie? Now You Will Know All The Reasons!

Let’s think about why men lie. Often, this happens when he takes care of his Lady: embellish his life, exaggerating his importance. Why? It is said that in this way man is trying to hide his complexes, to stand out and show that he is better than others. May be so. You can look for answers to this question, after watching male animals in the mating season. They are trying to stand out among others, to win the female’s attention. In the bird world, males are singing, dancing unthinkable dances to attract the female. But mating season passes and the male appears the same like everyone else. Maybe the nature plays in a man’s mind, so he embellish himself to make a woman noticed him.

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Why do men lie, saying that they love you

Why men lie when they say they love one woman, but at the same time, has been long building a relationship with another woman. Perhaps some do it out of interest, but most are rising self esteem. It’s great because, he can feel himself “Playing for Keeps”, he can brag to his friends, telling he’s a macho man. But there is another option, a man can not dare to tell the truth, it is hard for him to deliver the former beloved pain. Despite the fact that men are called stronger sex, they also have a sense of fear, uncertainty, indecision. By telling lie a man is hoping that somehow all will settled with time.

Why do men lie, concealing their past?

You live together, the strong feelings broke out between you, but he says nothing about his past. Maybe he just wants to protect you from unwanted feelings. After all, women like to torture themselves by guessing, “maybe she was better than me”, “and what if he still loves her.”  After all, your relationship is a blank sheet of paper, and there is no need to overshadow them by past memories.

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Why do men lie, being unfaithful to spouse?

Once you begun to suspect that your husband have somebody on a side. Many women begin to look for evidence, to check the pockets on clothes, to check man’s phone, to look for evidence in the glove compartment of the car. Women are very good at fantasizing, sometimes without any logic. If a man was a random relationship with the other woman, he will not confess. Why, then, to look for evidence? Or maybe all is in your imagination, and he did not even think about other woman. It may be better to trust your loved one and to live peacefully.

Why do men lie about meeting with friends?

Why do men lie, inventing that he is still at work, when he meets with his friends? Think, perhaps, you are forcing him to lie? The man looking for peace of mind at home. If you  reproach him at all times when he is at home, you often tense, grumble, blame him, of course, he will start to look for a place where can feel himself at ease. There is another option. He does not want to load himself with household chores.

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What do a woman, when her man lies?

Sometimes it happens that a man deceives all the time: going on a fishing trip, he says he has important things to do at work. Why? Perhaps for him it’s easier to win time for himself. Remember how you reacted when he was telling the truth? It often happens that a woman begins to scandal, swears, screams. Knowing the reaction of his beloved, man does not want to sort things out, so he prefers to lie. If you are sure that he does not speak the truth, do not blame your companion, perhaps you just need to look at yourself.

Trusting is not when a loved one is to truly answer your questions. Trusting is when a man wants to talk to you and tell the truth.

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