Scientists Found Out How To Find The Fastest Queue! often in our lives need to go to the store, quickly buy what we want and run to perform other daily tasks. But plans crumble as soon as it comes to the cashboxes and queues around them. And it turns out that in most cases you choose the wrong one, where the cashier is sleepy, it enough to know a few secrets, which scientists told of these days.

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First of all try to find the person with the most downtrodden basket or trolley. Full basket and short queue – that the key to success. There have been studies that have shown that buyer service process has several components, including greetings, discussing the purchase price, its payment and farewell. Each stage takes a certain time, which is almost impossible to reduce or eliminate. If several people in a queue with a small quantity of goods, each service takes on average 41 seconds. One person with a full basket will time spent only on the multiple checking off products.

Keep to the left

Due to the fact that in our society more people are right-handers, each one is more inclined to choose the cashbox to the right side. So, you may find the shortest  queue at the left cashbox.

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Watch the cashiers

There are cashiers who likes to communicate with customers, to comment on selected products. The logical will not to stand in such a queue.

Analyze, who stands before you

It’s no secret that the elderly are slower, their service will take longer. It is enough to look at who holds himself and how confident and actively he/she is to guess how long it will take to serve such person.

Give preference to the common queue

There are queues leading to multiple cashboxes. People who are in them, coming to the first liberated cashbox, and queue itself is moving much faster.

Select the box office without walls

If something closes overview of the cashiers, they do not see the entire queue and slow down their work.

You can always help the cashier

Laying out the goods on cashbox, it is best to make sure that the bar code is visible for the cashier.

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