Top 5 PC Games Of 2016

In just a couple of decades gaming has gone from being a brand new hobby to a thing that unites people all over the world. Today PC games are equally popular among children and adults, politicians and fast food workers, men and women. Every fan of video games has his own list of favorites, and some of them can be pretty old, but new PC games are released every month, and many of them are worthy of your attention as well. Here are some of the best games released in 2016.

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The Doom franchise of games has been around since 1993 and has millions of fans around the globe. As one of the original first-person shooter games, Doom has never boasted too much character description or too many plot details – instead it has always been the epitome of mindless and brutal fan. The latest iteration of Doom is largely praised for its improved graphics, but besides the visual component, not much has changed, and you can still fight the legions from hell for hours, just like you did 15-20 years ago.


Dark Souls 3

Another gaming franchise on our list, the Dark Souls 3 was released in April 2016 and instantly gained notoriety because of its complexity. Even experienced games have reported struggling while trying to advance in the game, which is why Dark Souls 3 should be a good choice for people who are not afraid to take a challenge. Among the game’s advantages we can also name sophisticated world design and a wide variety of enemies to beat. You’re also guaranteed to enjoy the detailed, mysterious storytelling of the Dark Souls 3.


Adventures of Pip

If you’re tired of dynamic shooters and strategy-based online games, this one might be the welcome alternative for you. Adventures of Pip is a side-scrolling action platfomer that looks much like the ones you used to play on early gaming consoles, but this time there is a very interesting premise. By switching between the main character’s 1-bit and 16-bit forms, you are expected to fight the evil forces that evolve level after level. Not only is the gameplay fun, but the detailing of the environment is surprisingly rich.



Multiplayer online games have always enjoyed massive popularity among users, and Overwatch is the latest noteworthy addition to the genre. This hero-based first-person shooter is a great way to enjoy excellent game mechanics while being able to have loads of fun, either with your friends, or complete strangers. One of the biggest advantages of Overwatch are its characters, who each have a distinctive identity and are a joy to play with. This game also doesn’t have too strict hardware requirements, which means even older PCs can successfully run it.


Ridge Racer Unbounded

2016 hasn’t been a very productive year for racing games, but there are still several outstanding games, including the Ridge Racer Unbounded. This game series has been known for years and has a very dedicated fan base. In this iteration of the Ridge Racer series you’ll find familiar gameplay that has been improved by adding the destruction element: now you can not only race the streets to become the ultimate champion, but also destroy the environment and other vehicles, which is always fun.


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