Meet The Man Who Has Almost 100 Wives

Mohammed Bello Abubakar may be 87 years old, but it doesn’t prevent him from being one of the most notable men not only in Nigeria, but also around the world. What is so spectacular about this man? The answer is his family, which currently consists of 97 wives and 190 children. Find out more about this story.

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Abubakar resides in Bida, Nigeria, and identifies as an Islamic scholar. It’s not the first time the man has caused controversy over his marrying practices: in 2008 he was reprimanded for not keeping his number of wives limited to four. When ordered to divorce over 80 of his wives, Mohammed refused and instead brought 57 of the wives to court, where they claimed they married him at their own will. Over the years Abubakar’s family only grew and now the number of wives is getting closer to 100.


The reason for Abubakar’s ever growing family is simple: even at 87, the man is still looking for the Right One. In the meantime, he and his wives seem to be getting along just fine, and no one will be surprised when the new Mrs. Abubakar emerges. Although there are frequent rumors about Mohammed’s rapidly deteriorating health or even death, he continues to write his name into the Guinness Book of Records, one new wife at a time.

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