10 Free Apps That Immediately Make Life Easier

Today we find it harder and harder to live without our smart devices – mainly, mobile phones. But our dependency on gadgets is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, playing games or watching fun videos with your smartphone is a popular way to procrastinate, but, at the same time, your mobile phone can become a powerful tool in completing all kinds of everyday tasks. Find out which apps to make life easier are truly a must-have for everyone!

1. Evernote

If, like most users, you often use your phone for storing various data, there is no better solution than Evernote, an app that masterfully collects bookmarks, notes, checklists, media files, and anything you would like to save for later. Evernote also allows you to scan documents with your phone’s camera, as well as synchronize content across your devices.


2. Trello

Trello is one pf the best apps for everything concerning organization. Whether you work in a team or on your own, Trello helps you bring your working process to order with the help of lists, checklists, and an endless number of boards that you can create to deal with different types of tasks.


3. Flipboard

There are dozens of ways to consume news and other content on your phone on your way to work or during a lunch break, but none of them are as convenient as Flipboard, one of the top life apps. This app presents news articles and media content that has been tailored according to your interests. You can also link your social media accounts to Flipboard to have all of your news feeds in one place.


4. Amount

If you love cooking, often shop for clothes online, or deal with foreign currencies, you’ll definitely appreciate Amount. This incredible app is the most convenient unit converter you’ve ever seen with a broad range of features. Hundreds of units in dozens of categories – now you can convert anything you need within seconds!


5. Pocket

When you’re browsing the internet with your smartphone and come across an article, recipe, photo, or video that you want to check later, use Pocket. Besides the very convenient interface and lots of useful features, it has one more major advantage – the ability to sync your bookmarks across any of your devices, including the desktop PC.


6. Headspace

There are many ways to get productive and work better, but if you need to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day, nothing works better than meditation. Headspace uses proven meditation techniques to help you ease your mind and enjoy a happier life. Every meditation lasts from 2 to 60 minutes, so you’ll always have the time to try it.


7. Shazam

If you’ve ever heard a cool song on the radio, in a club or in a shop, but had no idea what the song was called and who the artist was, this is one of the must have apps for you. Shazam can give you complete information on the track in just seconds, even if it’s noisy around. Plus you can discover trending songs from around the world.


8. RescueTime

If you’re worried that you spend way too much time on social media or simply procrastinating, you definitely need to use a timetracking app, and RescueTime is the most popular option. By breaking down the ways you use your phone, this app can help you easily become more productive.


9. Audible

Whether you’re an avid book lover, want your English to become better, or just want a new way to kill time during your commute to work, try Audible, where thousands of internationally popular books, as well as your favorites, are waiting for you in audio format.


10. Jiji

If you enjoy online shopping, want to save money on buying high quality things or make cash by selling stuff online, Jiji app is your new go-to solution. With hundreds of thousands of ads, helpful interface, convenient search, and direct contact with top Nigerian sellers, the Jiji app will transform the way you think about online shopping.