6 Golden Rules To Follow To Achieve Your Life Goals

Making our desires and dreams come true largely depends on how efficiently we set goals in life. Rules of setting personal goals help us transform our aspirations and desires into reality. Otherwise, the desired future would remain a fruitless dream.


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1. Choose positive affirmations

The brain does not perceive any negative statements. Your goal should not sound like “I do not want to work for someone forever”. Instead you should say: “I want to have my own successful business.”

Therefore it must be a tangible goal and it should describe the desired result!


2. Write your goals down

The goal takes shape in your mind when you write it down.

Written form and colored illustration take you one step nearer to realization of your personal goals.


3. Narrow your goals

Often the reason why a goal stays unrealized is its vagueness – namely, the absence of explicit particular result.

What do you mean by “I want to learn Chinese”? Does it mean to learn a couple of hundred words or to learn how to communicate in this language, or perhaps to memorize all of the 80,000 Chinese characters and be able to read an original text without a dictionary?


4. Divide big goals into sub-goals

Achieving goals is like climbing a mountain: it is always easier to make several breaks.

Reaching one, even a minor goal, you will feel satisfaction and the desire to go further.

Little by little your way of thinking will change too – you will get more prepared to achieving big goals!


5. Set yourself some deadlines

One of the most important steps to achieve goals is to set the deadline. Compare these two examples of setting goals:

  1. “I want to raise the traffic of my website to thousands of unique visitors per day”.
  2. “I want to raise the traffic of my website to thousands of unique visitors per day in three months.”

The first goal looks more like a wish – a person may reach it even in five years while the second one has direct motivation due to the deadline.


6. Goal Adjustment

Remember: your goals to achieve in life can be modified.

Be flexible! The fact that you set a goal does not mean that you cannot make any necessary adjustments to it. Anything can happen, there may be circumstances that can slow down or speed up the achievement of the goal, so we need to be prepared for the correction of our goals.

Remember that the absence of flexibility in endeavors hasn’t made anybody successful or happy. Life changes and you have to catch up with it!


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