10 Amazing Banana Health Benefits

Banana is the exact case when “tasty” comes in pair with “healthy”. You might not know before, but the vitamins and other substances contained in a banana can support your organism from all sides.

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Cancer prevention

banana from cancer

Bananas contain a specific protein, which helps prevent cancer (tumor necrosis factor). The amount of this substance in the mature fruit is much higher. Therefore, it is recommended to buy bananas, which have got the skin covered in dark spots or which starts to darken.

Fighting cramps

The deficiency of minerals is a common cause of cramps in the calf muscles. Consuming such a rich in potassium and magnesium food as bananas can prevent your muscle from spasms, so many athletes add a banana to their diet.

Kidney disease prevention

Foods containing a sufficient amount of potassium helps to avoid the appearance of kidney stones. According to one study, the regular inclusion of bananas in the diet also helps to reduce the probability of malignant tumors in the kidney by 40%.

Strong heart


A diet with plenty of potassium is recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure and are prone to cardiovascular disease. A daily intake of 1.3 grams of this mineral reduces the risk of developing heart disease by 26%. To get the required amount of potassium a day one should eat from 2 to 3 bananas a day (depending on their weight).

Clean vessels

The reason for the deterioration of vascular permeability is cholesterol, which causes atherosclerosis. Bananas contain phytosterols, which helps reduce the concentration of this substance in the body, keeping the vascular system healthy.

Healthy stomach

banana for stomach

Bananas are recommended for people with stomach ulcers, as well for those who are in a group of increased risk. These fruits contain a special enzyme that promotes the secretion of mucus that protects the stomach wall.

Energy source

The mixture of vitamins and minerals contained in banana makes it an excellent source of energy. Simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and are almost immediately made up for the deficit of energy resources in case of need.

Good mood

banana for good mood

Bananas contain the joy hormone (dopamine), and several B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the nervous system. All of this can attribute them to the category of products that should be eaten immediately as soon as you are in a bad mood.

Diabetes care

In these tropical fruits, there is a special type of starch (resistant), which helps improve the condition of the person with type 2 diabetes. It should be noted that green bananas contain more of this substance. For the comparison, a midsize green banana contains 12.5 grams of starch, the ripe one has no less than 5 grams.

Slim body

banana for slim body

Resistant starch prevents the formation of body fat and increases energy expenditure, resulting in a rapid and tangible results in the fight against excess weight. The recommended daily norm of this substance is 10 grams. Of course, in addition to eating bananas, you must lead an active lifestyle and control your eating habits.