The 7 Best Cameras For Beginners In 2017

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and for a good reason: with the help of a camera you can capture any precious moment you want to preserve forever. Of course, now we have decent cameras in our mobile phones, but nothing compares to the joy of pulling out your camera and feeling like a professional photographer. If you’re only starting your way to photography, here are some tips for choosing the best camera for photography beginners.

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How to choose a camera for beginners?

Every year thousands of people join the wonderful world of photography, which is why there are plenty of good cameras for beginners to choose from. In order to make the best choice, you need to answer some important questions. First, what will your photography style be and which camera can help you achieve perfection in this style? Second, how much can you afford to spend on a camera? The price of your new camera determines numerous features, from its lens to the sensor size. Third, what is your stance on digital vs. DSLR cameras?

Mirrorless or digital?

It’s no secret that digital cameras, also known as point-and-shoot cameras, are generally much more affordable than DSLR cameras. However, when it comes to cameras for beginners, a digital camera can be a great choice. First, a point and shoot camera is considerably smaller and lighter than a DSLR device, which is important if you want to carry your camera everywhere. Second, a point and shoot camera is pretty easy to operate – there is a limited settings menu and no lens to be changed, which helps you take photos without preparation.

DSLR cameras, on the other hand, offer you more opportunities for expressing your artistic views through the various settings and shooting modes. Moreover, DSLR cameras are much better than digital ones when you want to try nighttime photography. Plus, a DSLR camera can be easily adapted to your needs with the help of additional equipment. Finally, point and shoot cameras are no match to DSLR when you compare image quality. The bottom line is that you have to consider your budget and your experience in photography to make a choice.

Our favorites: 7 best cameras for beginners

1. Nikon D5300

Price: ?250,000

This Nikon camera is aimed at advanced beginners and features a 24MP sensor and plenty of physical controls for perfecting your photos.

2. Canon EOS 700D

Price: ?350,000

If you want your new camera to deliver consistent quality photos, have an articulated screen and a wide range of controls, go for this Canon camera.

3. Sony A58

Price: ?180,000

Nikon and Canon have dominated the DSLR market for a long time, but this Sony camera is a worthy competitor thanks to its decent features and affordable price.

4. Canon EOS Rebel 1Ti

Price: ?150,000

This camera boasts excellent colors and an ability to shoot HD video, as well as a practical set of kit lens, although the file size of the images can be too big for some users.

5. Nikon D3200

Price: ?180,000

This Nikon has a special Guide Mode for beginners in photography and is wonderfully easy to use, while the quality of the images and overall performance make it a great choice of a camera.

6. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Price: ?550,000

Although this camera is not as affordable as some other options on our list, its iconic status in the photography world and the flawless quality of the pictures make it a worthy investment.

7. Nikon D5200

Price: ?240,000

Nikon D5200 allows you to shoot excellent pictures with nearly zero effort while you get to enjoy the low noise and the coveted 5fps continuous shooting feature.

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