Top 5 Myths Every Woman Must Be Aware Of To Be Successful In Love

It often happens that it’s difficult for women to build a happy and harmonious relationship with men. The reason for this are often myths that are firmly entrenched in our minds and shape our actions.

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#1: Revealing clothes

1Often, in their attempts to attract male attention, girls are choosing a bold sex appeal, comprised of seductive cuts, ultramini neckline, bright colors, tight-fitting shape outfits. They wholeheartedly believe that all these parts are designed to make women an attractive image in men’s eyes. But…

In fact: if you want to not just attract attention but to meet the man of your dreams, the degree of sexuality in your outlook should get a bit lower. Add some elegance and soft femininity instead. Seductive beauty in candid mini will surely provoke sexual desire, but you won’t become the woman who he would want to take care of and protect. In short, if you want to be loved, do not dress to provoke a sexual desire.

#2: Model look

2Myth, which made millions of girls around the world to pace themselves with diets and go under the surgeon’s knife just to look like a thin beauty from the cover of a glance magazine. In the race for the ideals we sometimes lose our heads, trying to copy someone else’s proportions, hairstyle, shape of the nose … and losing our own individuality.

In fact: a beautiful appearance is certainly the first thing that attracts all men. They like well-groomed hair, skin glowing with health, the ability to dress tastefully, and a figure in a good shape … In other words, a man likes a woman who cherishes her beauty, but at the same time she should appreciate her own features, respect them and know how to present herself, not indulging in blindly copying the standards.

#3: Sophistication in sex

3A very common myth is that the most happy in relationships are the sex goddesses with rich in experience and familiar with all intimate pleasures.

In fact: sexual harmony in a relationship is very important, but it has little in common with sophistication (and sometimes even on the contrary). A man appreciates a woman’s sexual compatibility, tenderness, ability to receive pleasure from sex and the desire to give pleasure to her partner much more. And the rest is just a mere formality, as they say.

#4: Foolish behavior

4Some women believe that men do not like smart girls. Therefore, trying to please a man, they can behave abnormally, pretending to be windy, clumsy and too serious.

In fact: some studies that were conducted at California State University, show that the foolish women are attractive to men, as a rule, for one simple reason: they are more accessible in sexual terms. Those who target at strong, long-term relationship, are attracted by wise women.

#5: Too bright makeup

5Many girls are confident that the more bright make-up they can do, the more they will be attractive in the eyes of men.

In fact: in one study, men and women distributed photos of girls with different makeup and asked to rate their appearance. As a result, most of the men and women agreed that women with a minimum of makeup were more attractive.

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