Best Sewing Machine For Beginners

Sewing is not only a very popular hobby, it’s also a way to start your own business. If you have a talent for designing and sewing clothes, keep up with the latest fashion trends, and are not afraid of learning, you can become a successful tailor and create unique styles for yourself, your family, and, possibly, your customer. Choosing your first sewing machine can be a daunting task, since there are so many types of sewing machine in the market. Thankfully, our tips will help you make the right choice.

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How to pick a beginner sewing machine

In order to be completely satisfied with your choice of a machine, here are a few parameters you need to pay attention to:

  • Price. If you’re only beginning your way in sewing clothes, then buying a high-end machine can not only be outside of your means, but also a potentially bad investment, since it may turn out that sewing is not really your cup of tea. If you’re shopping on a budget, your best solution is looking for a used sewing machine – that way you can save money while still enjoying the high quality of the device.
  • Number of stitches. Experienced tailors say that only two stitches are crucial in sewing for beginners: the straight stitch and the zig-zag switch. There are machines with over 200 stitches, but the truth is that not even professional tailors use that many stitches in their work. Keep the stitch number to a minimum and you won’t feel the difference!
  • Extras. If you don’t know how to use a sewing machine yet, you probably have no idea that the presser feet are among the most essential parts of any machine. The standard foot only allows you to perform a limited set of actions. If you want to expand your options, look for a machine that has a zipper foot, a blind hem foot, and a buttonhole foot, which are indispensable for sewing clothes.
  • Mechanical vs. Computerized. If you look at the sewing machine market today, you will realize that most expensive, high-end models are fully computerized and are equipped with a touchscreen and different sewing programs. However, for budget shoppers a computerized sewing machine can be out of question. In that case you’d better search for older mechanical models, which are generally more powerful and reliable.

Top 5 sewing machines for beginners

Janome 2212

Janome 2212 is one of the best machines for users who want to try their hand in sewing. With a selection of basic yet essential features and easy use, Janome 2212 can become your first helper in your career as a tailor. Plus, it’s pretty lightweight and very affordable.

Singer One Easy To Use

This model’s name speaks for itself: if you’re looking for a machine that has an understandable interface and clear controls, opt for this one. Singer is a household name in the world of sewing, which means you can never go wrong with picking a Singer as your first machine.

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i has already become a number one selling machine in many online stores. There are a few reasons for its immense popularity: it’s affordable, it’s lightweight, and it’s packed with lots of features, from an LCD display to over 60 types of stitches available.

John Lewis JL110

This John Lewis sewing machine is a great choice for budget shoppers. There are 14 stitches, which is more than enough for most sewing tasks, and the operation of the machine is so easy that a single read of the user manual will make you a very confident user.

Singer Stylist 7258

Singer Stylist 7258 is an award-winning sewing machine that appeals to many beginners in sewing. While it may be not as affordable as other options on the market, its variety of features, including 100+ stitches and automatic needle threading system, make up for its higher price.

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