Easy Steps To Tie The Perfect Nigerian Gele

Nigerian gele is a traditional head-dress, that is mostly being worn at weddings or other kinds of celebrations. Gele is an important part of the traditional attires, that’s why it is so important to tie them just right.

There are a lot of different gele styles in Nigeria, that usually correspond to the rest of the attire, and the ways to tie them differ too. Here is just one of the ways to do it, but which looks great for any style there is.

If you want to know, how to tie gele, you’ve reached the right destination!

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So, here are steps on how to tie gele with layers in front:

1. Step 1

The first step depends on whether there is someone to help you or not. If you’re tying the gele on your own, you should make three relatively small folds on the long side of your cloth.

These will be your future front folds. If you have someone to help you, they can make up to five base folds while gele is on your head.

2. Step 2

Put the cloth on your head, making the left side shorter than the right one.

Be sure to do it carefully, try not to destroy the proportion between the folds.

3. Step 3

Wrap the longer end around your head and tie together the lower edges of both of your ends. This way the upper part of the longer end will be free in the front of your head and you will be able to from more pleats.

Still, make sure you’ve tied I tightly enough for your gele not to lose its structure. Tuck the loose ends carefully.

4. Step 4

Make the very structure of your gele by folding the cloth on the top of your head. Start from the very back and put the edge to the middle of your head. Make sure to make the pleats with different width, moving from the back to front, to make your gele more interestingly structured, and make them as distinguishable, as possible.

5. Step 5

Carefully pull the gele back with both of your hands to reveal the base layers more. Don’t overdo it, though, because you might pull it too far and completely ruin the gele’s structure. Also watch out and make sure your ears are not out in the end.

Your gele is almost ready, just make some final adjustments and make sure that everything is fine.

This is one of the simplest ways to tie your bridal gele, there definitely are much more sophisticated methods of doing it, but, nevertheless, it looks pretty good with different gele styles.

Here is another tutorial for one of the other methods of tie your gele, which is concentrated on completely hiding your hair under the cloth.

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