Richest Musicians In Nigeria: The Top 10

Nigerian music scene is so diverse and vibrant that there are probably dozens of musicians that you love and follow. However, one thing besides their talent interests every Nigerian music fan, and that’s how much money each musician is making.

If you’ve always wondered who is the richest musician in Nigeria, today you’ll find answers to any of your questions regarding the finances of top artists. Check out top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria!

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10. Olamide

Net worth: ₦400,000,000

Olamide is the first one on our quest to find the richest musician in Nigeria. Besides releasing several highly acclaimed albums, Olamide has also tried his hand at producing records for other Nigerian artists and representing various popular brands.


9. Yemi Alade

Net worth: 560,000,000

Yemi Alade may not be the wealthiest female musician in Nigeria, but she’s surely getting there. With two bestselling albums and numerous successful singles, she is quickly becoming one of Nigeria’s most discussed artists.

Yemi Alade

8. Ice Prince

Net worth: 820,000,000

Ice Prince is one of the artists battling for the title of the richest rapper in Nigeria, and his chances to succeed are definitely high. Ice Prince boasts millions of YouTube views and is signed to Chocolate City, a recording studio that kickstarted lots of successful careers in music.

 Ice Prince

7. Phyno

Net worth: ₦870,000,000

Phyno, who may soon become the richest artist in Nigeria, has achieved fame thanks to his incredible talent of including his dialect into his records. Thanks to offering a unique music product and representing Airtel and other renowned brands, Phyno secures a spot on our list.


6. Tiwa Savage

Net worth: ₦980,000,000

Tiwa Savage has all the components needed to become the richest musician in Nigeria: she has close ties to Mavin Records, a catalog full of bestselling albums, and numerous ambassadorship deals with brands like Huggies and Pepsi.

Tiwa Savage

5. M.I.

Net worth: ₦995,000,000

M.I., who is also known as Jude Abaga, is currently the richest musician in Nigeria 2017 among rappers. As the CEO of Chocolate City, he not only made several incredibly successful records but is also the mastermind behind the careers of dozens of popular Nigerian rappers.


4. Banky W

Net worth: ₦2,300,000,000

In addition to being a famous recording artist, Banky W achieved fame and financial success as the CEO of EME Records, a recording studio responsible for bringing Wizkid and other famous rappers into the spotlight. And don’t forget the numerous deals with Nigerian and international brands!

Banky W

3. Wizkid

Net worth: ₦2,800,000,000

Wizkid is one of the artists who was shot into fame by EME Records. His career is only a few years old, but it doesn’t prevent him from being one of the top earning musicians in Nigeria. His partnership with Pepsi is another factor contributing to his wealth.


2. Davido

Net worth: ₦2,900,000,000

Unlike many other Nigerian recording artists who came from humble beginnings, Davido owes part of his financial success to his parents. Currently, his net worth exceeds the wealth of most musicians in Nigeria, which means you finally know the answer to the question: Wizkid and Davido, who is the richest?

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1. Don Jazzy

Net worth: ₦6,500,000,000

Don Jazzy is not only the richest musician in Nigeria, but is also a recording artist with a very diverse back catalog. Even though we are yet to hear his solo record, he has been featured on dozens of successful singles, which made him the #1 collaborating artist.

Don Jazzy

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