Nigerian Female Kaftan Styles

The modern Nigerian fashion is closely connected to the traditional styles that have been worn by Nigerian ladies for centuries. One of the most popular classic Nigerian outfits is a kaftan, which actually came into women’s fashion from men’s traditional attire.

A kaftan dress is a perfect combination of tradition and fashion. By wearing one of the latest kaftan styles in Nigeria you can look perfectly stylish while also paying homage to the culture. Check out the trendiest way to rock a kaftan!

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1. Maxi kaftan dress

Among all African kaftan styles, a floor-length dress is the most feminine and fashionable choices for a modern lady. Depending on the fabric and the pattern, your maxi kaftan style can be an ideal choice for special occasions or have a more casual vibe.

The shape of a typical kaftan floor-length gown has one major benefit for the fashionistas: it’s very forgiving to the various body shapes. If you have a body part you want to conceal with the help of clothing, a loose-fitting kaftan dress is one of your best options.

A kaftan gown is a great canvas for accessorizing. With the help of trendy accessories, you can turn a pretty basic kaftan dress into an outfit for any occasion, including attending a wedding or other social event.

Maxi kaftan dress

kaftan style

2. Short kaftan dress

A more casual choice in Nigerian female kaftan designs is, of course, a knee-length gown. If you want to rock the classic kaftan styles, but are afraid of making an outfit that is too formal, then go for a shorter kaftan dress.

Knee-length kaftan dresses come in various fabrics and designs so you can pick just the right one for the occasion – a lighter, pastel dress for a lazy day out or a jewel-toned dress with colorful patterns for a dinner with your loved one or friends.

When it comes to shorter Nigerian kaftan styles and creating a stylish look, accessories matter as much as the dress itself. For example, pairing a kaftan gown with flats instantly gives your outfit a relaxed and casual vibe, while beautiful heels quickly turn it into a more formal piece.

Short kaftan dress

Nigerian kaftan styles

3. Kaftan suits

The most traditional and historically accurate version of kaftan styles for ladies is still a kaftan suit. This item of clothing came straight from men’s wardrobe, but it doesn’t prevent Nigerian ladies from proudly wearing their stunning kaftan styles.

Kaftan suits can differ in color and look, but all of them are united by the shape of the outfit: a knee-length shirt paired with straight-leg trousers. A kaftan suit can have short or long sleeves, the shirt can be shorter or longer, be solid-shaped or have slits – at the end of the day, it’s still the same traditional kaftan style.

Nigerian female kaftan styles can be worn to a variety of occasions, which you can clearly see in the Instagram profiles of Nigerian fashionistas. A kaftan creates the most flattering silhouette when paired with great pumps, but, depending on the occasion, it can look good with flats as well.

Kaftan suits

Nigerian female kaftan styles

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