Nigerian Birthday Cake Designs: Just EAT It!

No one can celebrate one’s birthday without a Delicious and Gorgeous Cake. The latest Nigerian birthday cake designs impress with their unbelievable color combinations and shapes – layered, asymmetric, static and dynamic and even featuring real flowers – amazingly yummy!

An important nuance is that the cake should suit your party theme. Check out these Nigerian cake decoration designs for inspiration!

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Nigerian cake designs: latest trends

1.1. Black cake

Black cakes impress with their magnificence and expensive chic. You could use the Black Food Colour Gel to paint conventional icing and cake batters black so that your friends could be amazed!

1.2. Ombre technique

The gradual transition from a more saturated hue to a lighter one will be perfect for any party! The yummy treat looks especially cool when sliced!

1.3. Fondant frills

Modern birthday cake decorations would be incomplete without the fantastic fabulous fondant.

These trendy frills are common decoration for any type of cakes and make it a real work of modern art.

1.4. Metallic and lace

These could be used both separately and together. Such a creative treat would look refined at various romantic and thematic parties.

1.5. Mirror Glaze

Mirror glaze cakes look really magic and resemble a true work of art. It’s even hard to imagine what it is like to eat such a masterpiece. However, the glaze is quite easy to make: just pour it over the cake!

1.6. Mastique Cake Topper

This thing is definitely one of the most popular holiday cake decorations. Mastique pieces always look realistic and fascinating!

1.7. Meringue

Meringue has been slightly revamped in 2017 and is now used for cake crown with shining white peaks.

1.8. Back to the 50s

Pastel hues, various decorations, ribbons, golden and silver shades are all trendy in 2017.

1.9. Edible Natural Flowers

Edible flowers have become crazily popular with cake decorators, especially for a Nigerian birthday cake. Simply make sure that the flowers can be eaten and don’t have any insects inside.

1.10. Isomalt

Isomalt, the sugar-like substance, is commonly used to create mind-blowingly elegant glistening sculptures of virtually any shape! It can be made of various colors and flavors.

1.11. Square cakes

Square cakes are suddenly gaining popularity! You can feed more guests with a square cake and they are more suitable for architectural show off than round cakes.

1.12. Fabulous shapes and textures

Shapeless and drizzling ganache is no longer trendy. Opt for geometric shapes and glazed surfaces and you cakes will look like works of art! Simply use silicone cake molds to get such a result!

1.13. Sprinkles

They are lovely and colorful and can be used on almost anything from birthday cakes to fairy bread. Colour blocking, confetti and sparkles are the main decorating techniques with sprinkles.

1.14. Muffins

Muffins have become smaller and healthier. Recipes with fruit, seeds, nuts, and spices are gaining popularity quite fast.

1.15. A bare cake

A «bare cake» is a perfect option for a summer wedding. It doesn’t weigh much, is easy to cook and natural looks great, and is not fattening!

  1. Birthday cakes for adults


No Description

  1. Birthday cakes for ladies

Ladies birthday cakes are shaped as trendy handbags and shoes, they can feature frills, ribbons, flowers, butterflies, crown and virtually anything else –try surprising your girl on this important occasion!

Good Birthday cake ideas for women

Good Birthday cake ideas for women

  1. Boys birthday cake ideas

If you want to please a guy, choose action movies characters, cars and other vehicles and even Lego details!

Birthday cakes for boys – ideas for all ages – superheroes, minions + loads more!!

Loads of ideas for that special boys birthday

  1. How to decorate a cake with fondant

Fondant is capable of transforming any cake into a museum exhibit like a fancy car. A fondant is a great tool for shapes and patterns.

Decorating A Cake With Fondant

Get the recipe: In this online baking course, we teach you how to decorate a cake using fondant. Watch this video and see just how easy it cake be to create beautiful looking cakes.

  1. Unique fondant cake designs


Best of Fondant Cakes on Haniela’s Find the links to each of the cakes’ full tutorial just bellow. I love to bake, decorate cookies, cakes, cupcakes. Have a suggestion for a video, leave me a note below or email at [email protected] Thanks for watching.

  1. Nigerian birthday cake recipe

Check out this classic Nigerian birthday cake recipe: after reading this recipe you are sure to come up with new ideas for your cake’s unique bright decoration!

How to make Nigerian Cake | All Nigerian Recipes

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