Top 10 Bra Brands: Best Underwear For You

Any woman understands the importance of wearing a comfortable and high-quality bra at all times, but, unfortunately, not every underwear brand knows exactly what women need. A good bra should not only look good but also ensure proper support.

Wearing a wrong sized or low-quality bra can result in all kinds of health and beauty problems, especially when it comes to C and D cups and beyond. Check out our bra brands list and find your new favorite underwear company!

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1. Wonderbra

Wonderbra was introduced in the 1990s and quickly became a household name for a push-up bra that made any chest look simply phenomenal. Wonderbra caters to ladies of all sizes and actually belongs to the best bra brands for D cup. Most women prefer to wear their Wonderbra on special occasions to elevate their look.

2. Nubian Skin

Nude-colored lingerie has always been a women’s favorite, but ladies of color have often struggled with finding the bra that would match their skin tone. The Nubian Skin brand solved this problem by offering bras and panties in all varieties of nude color you can imagine. This lingerie designer is based in London, but their underwear is worn all around the world.

3. La Senza

The La Senza brand originates from Canada and is mainly known for two things. One, their underwear is surprisingly affordable, considering the genius design and high-quality materials used in the production. Second, their lingerie is so flirty and playful that it’s known around the globe as one of the most fun bra brands to wear. A La Senza bra is a must-have for everyone!

4. Wacoal

Wacoal is a Japanese brand that has been operating for more than half a century. Their underwear range includes bras of all shapes and sizes imaginable. Wacoal bras are especially famous for their comfortable fit, which makes them an ideal choice if you’re looking for a bra you could wear all day long.

5. You! Lingerie

Pregnant ladies and new mothers often look for the most comfortable bra reviews to find out which bra brand to wear during this sensitive time. You! Lingerie was founded with new and expecting mommies in mind – there is a good chance that a bra from this brand will turn out to be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn.

6. Agent Provocateur

Despite being just a little over 20 years old, Agent Provocateur is one of the best-known lingerie brands in the world. This brand makes bras up to an F cup, which means that both slim and curvy women will find their ideal bra in their lineup of underwear. Agent Provocateur is also known for their lush, high-end fabrics and expert fit.

7. The Little Bra Company

In case you are looking for the best bra brands for the full bust, you should definitely see what The Little Bra Company has to offer. Their range of underwear includes dozens of sizes from petite to curvy. If you often can’t find the perfect fit in regular lingerie brands, this one will likely match your demands.

8. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has quickly become one of the most recognizable underwear brands in the world. Celebrity endorsements, fabulous fashion shows, inexpensive and well-fitted lingerie, and a huge variety of additional products play to Victoria’s Secret advantage. Check out their endless range of bras to find your ideal one!

9. La Perla

La Perla has the honor of being one of the favorite lingerie brands for numerous celebrities, who value their exquisite designs, soft and delicate fabrics, and lightweight construction, which makes you feel like you’re not wearing any underwear at all. La Perla bras are quite pricey, but the hundreds of best bra reviews make you believe the price is more than justified.

10. PrimaDonna

PrimaDonna is actually one of the oldest underwear brands in the world, having started in the 19th century. Despite the brand’s age, PrimaDonna is very quick to adopt new fashion trends, which is why you’re guaranteed to take advantage of the latest technologies and materials when you buy a bra from PrimaDonna.

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