The Flood In Lagos – What To Buy To Be Ready For The Disaster

Rain season is now upon Nigeria, this year it brings not the refreshing break from the drought, but more disastrous and somewhat tragic consequences.

Continuous pouring rain in Lagos has turned from an uncomfortable weather condition into unstoppable destructive force of nature that has already caused a lot of property damage and will surely continue to wreak havoc.

Either being caused only by unpredictable weather condition or, as some claim, by an unreliable drainage system, no one expected for this situation to grow to such a scale. This should remind us to always be ready for the unpredictable.

That’s why here are some of the items that should help you to minimize your loss in this flood and all the others to come after it.

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1. Umbrellas

Although it might seem funny to offer an umbrella during the flood, if nature is still not that angry, umbrellas are great shields against the weather.

Especially if its quality is good, it can protect you from both pouring rain and heavy onsets of wind. This means that it might save you from an unpleasant cold or even more dangerous diseases, like the flu.

2. Clothing

If an outpour of rain becomes more massive and an umbrella is no longer a viable option, try using some protective clothing. First of all, you’ll be able to use both of your hands freely. Secondly, it offers much more full protection.

For example, by wearing rubber boots you will almost completely protect your feet from getting wet, and raincoat will protect the rest of your body. And you still will be able to wear your normal clothes underneath!

3. Waterproof cases

Your smartphone might not be the most expensive and most important thing in your house, but it sure would be nice to protect it from bad weather.

Water and dust-proof phones might have a much better chance of survival in such a conditions, but it is not reasonable to buy them just in case of a flood – the phone case would be enough. Furthermore, there are special waterproof cases for your documents and other important stuff – be prepared by getting one of these.

4. Boat

If the situation is drastic, like it is right now, and the streets are completely flooded, then it would be pretty great for you to have a boat.

This vehicle will be helpful in transporting both your belongings and your loved ones. It will safely get you anywhere, plus you will be able to save as much of your stuff as you can.

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