Types Of Roofing Sheets In Nigeria That Will Protect You The Best

We often refer to our homes as the four walls that surround us, but in doing so we forget that it also is a roof above our heads. Obviously, without roof any house would be obsolete, it protects us from the sun when the weather is hot and it shields us from the rain and the wind. If you want your house to be your fortress, you should choose one of the right types of roofs. There are lots of different types of roofing sheets in Nigeria, that’s why it might be confusing for someone to find just the right one. To make this thing easier for you, here is a list of the most popular types of roofing sheets and their prices in nigeria

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1. Stone-coated roofing sheets

This type of roofing sheets is made out of a steel or similar metal sheet, coated with chips from stones that are fixed on the acrylic film. This material is really durable and steady, as it is not liable to rust and it can withstand the worst weather conditions. Manufacturers often guarantee up to 50 years of service. There are different styles of these roofing sheets, for example:

2. Aluminum roofing sheets

This is your second most reliable choice if you’re looking for a firm and trustworthy roof. Metal roofs have been used for a long time, but only now they’ve become this lasting and firm. There are a few disadvantages to this material – your roof may be too noisy in the rain, but the advantages are much more noticeable. For once, it is cheaper than all the other ones, it serves as a great protection from the wind, it is light and easily fixable. Furthermore, although it is guaranteed to survive 50 years of service in the worst weather, with the right care it was proven to serve great up to 100 years. Here are the types of aluminum roofing sheets in Nigeria:

  • Long span sheet – 0.55 mm thick – ₦1,900 per square meter

0.45 mm thick – ₦1,500 per square meter

  • Step tile sheet – 0.55 mm thick – ₦2,100 per square meter

0.45 mm thick – ₦1,600 per square meter

  • Metcoppo sheet – 0.55 mm thick – ₦2,200 per square meter

0.45 mm thick – ₦1,700 per square meter

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