40 Lace Styles For Wedding 2018: What To Wear On Your Special Day

There was a time when lace fabric was considered to be a novelty, but now lace is as common and beloved by Nigerian fashionistas as Ankara and other traditional fabrics. Of course, wedding fashion couldn’t stay aside, and now there are plenty of lace styles for wedding every bride and guest can choose from.

Nigerian wedding lace comes in every color imaginable and can be combined with other fabrics and shades for an even more charming look. Check out the best Nigeria wedding fashion styles with lace!

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1. Traditional lace wedding dresses

If you want to get married wearing a gorgeous lace dress, you’ll be happy to know that the choice of Nigerian wedding dresses styles with lace is nearly unlimited. Here are 5 traditional and modern dresses for your inspiration.

A peplum dress has become a new wedding classic in the last few years, and it’s not surprising since peplum looks awesome on any figure. This all-white look is the perfect choice for a traditional wedding and fans of classic style in clothing.

In case you have a more adventurous taste in clothing, you’re definitely going to love the next lace dress. The delicate peach color complements any complexion, and the knee-length cut is just perfect for a more casual wedding.

Another gorgeous option for a non-white wedding dress is this cream gown. It’s the perfect example of Nigerian lace styles for a wedding: it’s both traditional and modern, which will definitely be up your street if you’re a modern bride.

Here is a dress that even the top Hollywood celebs would fall in love with! Everything about this dress is high fashion, from the fabulous train to the sexy strapless design. If you want to be everyone’s center of attention at your wedding, this is the number one dress to consider.

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We can’t find a single flaw in the next wedding look. Here you can not only see the masterful use of lace material for wedding dresses but also the fantastic tailoring work. The plunging neckline and the high slit turn this gown into a work of wedding art.

2. Lace styles for wedding guests

Lace has gotten so popular that now there are not only lace wedding dresses 2017 but also plenty of lace gowns for wedding guests to choose from. Here are a few lace dresses for maids of honor and other wedding guests.

The first wedding look employs the classic combination of gold and red. The beautiful gold dress with lace fragments and red accessories won’t let you go unnoticed at any event.

In case you are looking for a stylish way to dress up your bridesmaids for the wedding, here is a style everyone is going to love. The bold combination of black and pink lace is a stunning look for any event, especially a traditional Nigerian wedding.

This green mermaid dress would look awesome on any occasion, which means you can wear it to a wedding and then rock it during another party. We especially love the combination of the lovely green shade and the gold jewelry with a white clutch.

Here is the ideal lace dress for ladies who love bold colors and eye-catching combinations. This electric blue shade looks just ideal with any complexion, and the gele is a gorgeous way to finish off this outfit.

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