Top 30 Igbo Traditional Wedding Attire For Your Big Day

Getting married is one of the most important milestones in the life of every person on Earth, which is why it’s not at all surprising that the bride, the groom, and their families put great effort into organizing the event that will be the culmination of the happiest day of the couple’s lives.

A big part of the wedding ceremony is the attire the bride and the groom choose for themselves. Many couples decide to pay homage to their roots, which is why ethnic wedding outfits are so popular in Nigeria right now. Check out the traditional marriage dressing in Igbo land!

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1. Igbo traditional wedding attire for the bride

Brides are always the center of attention at the wedding; when the bride and the groom enter the reception, everyone’s eye becomes pointed to the bride. That is why the traditional wedding dresses in Igboland should be so carefully chosen and styled.

1. Wedding blouse and skirt

Most Igbo brides go for a combination of a blouse and skirt. They don’t have to match in color, but the colors should complement each other. The blouse can have various sleeve length and be adorned with intricate decorations – embroidery, frills, or have a beautiful brooch attached to it.

The skirt, which is the preferred choice for bridesmaids, or the wrapper, which is a favorite option for married guests, usually has a high waist and is enhanced with the help of overlaps, embroidery, fragments of different fabrics, and other traditional elements.

igbo traditional wedding attire 2018

2. Headgear

Another essential part of the Igbo traditional wedding attire 2018 for the bride and the female guests is the headgear. Depending on the family customs and the bride’s taste, the headgear can include a head tie, which matches the color of either the blouse or the wrapper, or a beaded cap, which usually has coral coloring.

latest igbo traditional wedding attire

3. Accessories

What kind of a traditional wedding attire in Igboland would it be without several stylish accessories that complete the bride’s look? The most popular wedding accessories include striking coral beads, silver, gold, or ivory bracelets, and a brooch.

As for the footwear, the most traditional option is high-heeled shoes, although savvy brides have a spare pair of flats that they change into for the more informal part of the wedding.

latest traditional marriage outfit

2. Igbo traditional wedding attire for groom

Nigerian men take the wedding day very seriously as well, which is why many of them spend the time before the big day meticulously creating their wedding outfit.

yakurr traditional wedding attire

1. Shirt and trousers

At the very minimum, a groom’s Igbo traditional wedding look should consist of a shirt and trousers. The trousers are usually wide-legged, while the shirt goes all the way to the knees. The groom can also wear an intricately designed agbada for an even more impressive look.

nigerian igbo traditional wedding attire

2. Accessories

Like Igbo brides, grooms also get their fair share of wedding accessories. Accessorizing an Igbo wedding outfit starts with the cap. It doesn’t need to match the rest of the look, which is why many Igbo men choose red, gold, or other bright-colored caps.

Another important part of a groom’s wedding outfit are the coral beads, which can be as long and have as many lines as the groom wants. Finally, a great way to finish off the wedding look is a walking stick, which is a favorite accessory for thousands of Nigerian men.

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