Buy Ad Boost or TOP – Get Even More Sales!

Black Friday lasts only for a weekend, long shopping weekend, but it starts the season of Christmas sale, which is a perfect opportunity to move your business forward. You just need to know one secret: the best stores for Christmas shopping are those with discounted price.

If we speak about Jiji, best stores for Christmas deals are those displayed on the top of the least. Christmas sales online go intense, and the majority of buyers will not spend their time for researching the best online stores for Christmas gifts – they will visit a couple of what they see the first, so get ready!

Participate in Сhristmas sale on Now

How to sell online

You know, how Jiji works, so remember just several innovations of the Christmas season.

  • Jiji will feature special pages – Christmas sales pages, where specially chosen ads will be featured.
  • The timing of the discounts: December,1 – December, 24.
  • If sellers want to get their items featured on special pages, they just need to buy one of the premium services (Boost or TOP ads).
  • After you do it, your pages will be actively promoted.
  • If you haven’t bought the premium package yet, you can do it at any moment within given date frame.
  • If you already use one of the premium services, you automatically join the promotion program.
  • If your current active package ends in the middle of the month and does not last until Christmas, you still participate in Christmas program.  
  • After you activate the package, no additional actions are required


What’s the point?

You may have one of the best online stores in the country, but sellers aim to get the most out of holiday shopping and try new strategies to discover how to sell a product more effectively than usual. Thus, a lot of users are going to use promo packages.

Make sure your products will not get lost in the wide selection of Christmas deals. In the end, even good offers need some promotion. With Boost or TOP packages for Christmas season, you will even up the odds.

How it works?

  • Boosted ads are displayed more often and much higher on the list of search results
  • They are highlighted and easier to notice
  • They are renewed automatically every few days
  • Boost Premium package includes email promotion
  • TOP packages place your offers always at the very top of the page
  • You can choose a number of ads to promote

How to participate?

We are not going to tell you what to sell online, but we will help you to join the sales. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Jiji App and sign in to your profile.
  2. Click on “Premium Services”
  3. Choose


    • TOP if you want to promote single ad
    • BOOST if you want to promote multiple ads


      4.Choose one of the suggested packages

  • 3/5/9 TOPS
  • 1/3/6 months boost

     5.Click on “Buy”

     6.Choose payment method and pay

     7.Enjoy the increase in your sales!