How to choose a fragrance?


Going on a date, you will try to show yourself in all your glory – we are sure in that. But despite the fact that your outfit, makeup and hairstyle may increase your chances at winning the male heart, you should also know everything about one little thing – a perfume.

Each of us chooses a perfume based on a very simple and clear principle – you should like it yourself. But there is another rule as well: you should look for a fragrance that will be attractive to others, too.

More precisely, it should be pleasant to him, whose heart you want to conquer or to fill with an even stronger feeling. Many perfumers create compositions that can easily meet these challenges — they know for sure what aromas can enchant and seduce.

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The vanilla flavor is familiar to those who love sweets, and it is not difficult for them to notice the vanilla note even in a perfume they are trying for the first time. Few people know, however, that the scent of vanilla can influence our consciousness in very different directions.

For example, it can arouse the appetite, as well as soothe, relax, and promote good sleep. But when choosing a fragrance for dating, the most important property of vanilla is that it is a man aphrodisiac especially those ones that are older.


“Lavender” sounds so tender – you can’t even think that it is not as innocent as it seems. Legends say that Cleopatra tried to seduce Julius Caesar and Marcus Aurelius using lavender.

Since then more than one thousand years has passed, and scientists have confirmed — lavender arouses sexual desire, and for men it works better than for women. By the way, it is interesting that lavender coupled with — you’ll never believe — the scent of pumpkin pie is considered to be the most stimulating fragrance for men.


Jasmine doesn’t have the outright sexiness, but it does not mean that it is unable to attract a man – jasmine notes always sound very sensually. Back in the history of some nations, it was called the “flower of love”, and was also considered an aphrodisiac because it gives people a feeling of intimacy, spiritual and physical closeness.

These are only some of the scents that can help you seduce a man. Hopefully, you will choose something that will suit you best. Be confident, use all that magic and you will succeed!