Shaku Shaku Is The New Dance Craze! Find Out The Origin And How To Dance It!

Have you noticed the craze that is going on lately? Wherever you go, whoever you speak to, whatever social network you open, you have impressively high chances to hear about Shaku Shaku dance. And while the entire Nigeria is dancing, take a minute to rest and find out more.

Shaku Shaku dance history

It all started at the end of 2017, probably in the last quarter. In January it turned into the complete craze, becoming the hottest dance in every pub, club, and every party. The new Nigerian dance is a trend pushed and “promoted” by rhytmic songs like ‘WO’.

Olamide, being one of the main trendsetters, picked the Shaku Shaku dance trend with his song ‘Science Student.’ Although Shaku Shaku dance can be performed to the accompaniment of any good pop song with a lively rhythm, none of celebrities was acknowledged the creator.

shaku shaku dance

The name “Shaku Shaku” was probably set after Dammy Krane’s song, but the street originates on the streets of Agege, vibrant neighborhood of Lagos with restless retail markets, major roads, and strong street culture. It wasn’t surprising that King of the Streets himself, Olamide, dances it in “Say Say Maley” video.

Well, the best thing about Shaku Shaku: you can dance to anything you like. In this case, the dance becomes a template and the melody varies. Moreover, some started writing songs specially for the dance! You will not get bored while mastering the trendy dance moves to perfection.

Shaku Shaku dance tutorial

No more talking, it’s time to learn how to dance Shaku Shaku dance! Turn on a song that goes well with Shaku Shaku, for instance, Olamide’s Science Student’ we’ve mendioned before. Free your mind. Catch the positive mood and repeat the simple moves.

  1. Stand straight, legs astride.
  2. With your hands slightly crossed, make a “false” (unfinished) leg move to the right. Move the upper trunk of your body slightly in rhythm in the same direction.
  3. Do the same move to the left side.
  4. Repeat at least three times in each direction.
  5. You are ready to add hand movement: pull an imaginary generator cord.
  6. Take a quick squant once or twice while pulling out either legs and rising up.
  7. Rehearse the dancing routine utill you do it perfectly.

And do not forget to check out Shaku Shaku video to get it clearer and learn faster. Now you are ready to go out to any party, to throw a party, or just dive into the dancing craze for better mood. We’ve already checked: it works!


WELCOME BACK GUYS! JUST WANT TO EMPHASISE THAT I’M NOT A DANCE TEACHER SO MY TEACHING SKILLS ARE TERRIBLE !! Moreover my “shaku shaku” isn’t perfect but you get an idea of how it’s done! Moreover add your style to it! I’ve noticed everyone’s shaku shaku isn’t the same but your style will make it unique and special!

Shaku Shaku: celebrity version

Energetic and expressive African street dance could not leave celebrities indifferent. Your favorite singers and actors showed their versions of addictive moves and their street dance skills. Here are some videos fans like the most. Just watch, enjoy, and repeat!


He was one of the first to catch the trend, and probably the one, who make the craze spread around the country.

Olamide Badoo Teaches How To Dance Shaku Shaku Dancestep

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The singer posted a video, which features Olamide in the background.


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Lil Kesh

Lil Kesh chose one of his latest songs “Rora” to rock Shaku Shaku dance.

lilkesh – Rora(shaku shaku dance)

lilkesh – Rora(shaku shaku dance tutorial)


… and more!


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